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    Exclamation [A/H] Looking for new guild

    The guild I'm currently with is in jeopardy. Apparently the Guild Master has left WoW, and it looks like the guild itself may get disbanded. I'm therefore looking to get into a new guild. If I can't, well I'll always have GW2 and LoL to play.

    What I'm looking for is a guild that will allow me to raid with them as often as possible, and has no plans to disband anytime soon. I would like to have a ranged DPS caster role, as is fitting an Elemental Shaman. I have my rotation down-pat now and can dish out the hurt when required. Even though I am not Resto spec, I can contribute to healing if the need is urgent.

    Below are my details for application:

    Name: Kasuro
    Race/Class: Draenei Elemental Shaman
    Current Realm: Aman'thul
    Armory Link: http://www.mywowarmory.com/profile.php?id=44800
    Guild History: Been with a few. All but the current one have allowed me into raids to get experience. If they disband then that will of course change.
    Raid Experience: Mostly Dragon Soul. Some older raids like MC and SSC. As far as DS goes I know the fights and what not to do (sick of LFR!!).
    Item Level: currently sits at 397
    Trade Skills: Alchemy and Herbalism

    About me outside of WoW: Tafe student, studying multimedia, anything else just ask
    Able to make raiding times: Yes (exceptions will be family emergencies or needing an early night for Tafe the next day)
    Have a Mic/Headset and Vent: Yes
    Location: Australia

    If application is approved (or even trialled), I can switch faction and/or server as required.

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    My guild is beginning to get off its feet <Darktotem Consort>, basically it's a casual raiding guild but serious enough to insist you be on time, gemmed/enchanted and know the fights. We are an Australian guild on Jubei' Thos horde side. We'd love to have you please get in contact by mailing Blacki on Jubei' Thos. Just make a level one and tell me who you are. here is a link to my recruitment post on wow site.

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