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    Haste breakpoint or not yet?

    Is it worth going after the 5200 haste breakpoint right now as a boomkin or just keep going with crit?

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    I'm really close to the breakpoint and not done gearing/gem/chanting yet. It feels much better to play with haste than with crit to me.
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    It's best to focus on haste for the moment - a lot of other boomkins have reported WrathCalcs to show haste > crit for low levels of haste.

    Getting the breakpoint is a good jump in DPS.

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    Have you considered using the Revitalizing meta cut? Lets you reforge all that spirit off of your gear instead, making it easier to reach the breakpoint, and reaching the breakpoint is definitely valued over that 200 int right now. Or at least I'm calculating it to be that way.
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