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    Bulk Loose Gaming (Khaz'goroth) 2/6H MV

    Bulk Loose Gaming (US-Khaz’Goroth) is recruiting for the Mists of Pandaria. We are a PvE focused 10 man guild of skilled ex-hardcore raiders and officers formerly of Khazuals.

    After numerous years of pushing progression we've decided we no longer wish to commit the time investment required to compete at the highest level of the Oceanic raiding scene but still wish to experience all Hardmode content in a high quality raid environment while achieving respectable world ranks.

    Raiding two nights per week while progressing in Dragon Soul we achieved 8/8H @ 5%.

    First raid night in MV World 1st 10 man Elegon N.

    We are looking for superior quality players who want to be part of a small, closely knit and very able raid team. If you have the ability required and want to enjoy the benefits of raiding at a high level without the full time investment usually required for server leading progression then apply at khazuals.com/forums/index.php

    We encourage anyone who is appropriately skilled to apply regardless of class, spec or raid role.

    We will be raiding three nights a week during Mists of Pandaria, raid times as follows -

    Monday: 6pm to 10pm
    Wednesday: 6pm to 10pm
    Friday: 6pm to 10pm

    All times listed are GMT+10. During Daylight Savings we start and finish hour later each night.

    If you have any questions see our website above for more information or contact Zac, Methyl, Rukux or Interference.
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    Still interested is seeing applications for any class, spec or raid role but particularly interested in seeing applications from the following -

    - A Plate DPS
    - A Healer (prefer Druid/Monk)
    - A Hunter
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    Updated requirements.

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    Up, world first Elegon 10m normal

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    Would you, by any chance, take in a player from Europe? I've checked latency etc. and that is not a problem. I will go make application asap, if it's no problem for you guys..

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    Physical location isn't a problem if you meet all our other requirements. If you choose to apply be sure to list all the toons/specs you'd be willing to play, and we'll see what vacancies we have available.

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    A high quality hunter, rogue or lock app would be particularly welcome.

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