Currently Recruiting
Even if you're class/spec is not listed below we will consider any good application so you are encouraged to apply

RDPS: Boomkin/Ele Shaman/Lock
MDPS: Rogue/DK/Feral
Heals: Monk/Shaman

About Trauma
We're an Australian-based 25man raiding guild located on Jubei'Thos, Horde. Leadership consists of the former leaders of <Divinity> (Jubei'Thos - WotLK) and Six (Jubei'Thos), some of our members are former raiders of these guilds, others are friends from the server, others still are new friends.

We would consider ourselves a semi-hardcore raiding guild, and aim to actively progress through the new raid content in MoP (including HMs).


  • Raid nights are Wednesday/Sunday/Monday 8PM - 11PM ST.
  • We use EP/GP as our DKP system, as we've found it to be a fair and easy to manage system.
  • We supply flasks, food, repairs etc. to raiding members.
  • You'll need to use vent, a mic is optionable but preferable.

Our trial period typically lasts 2-3 weeks. During this time you earn the same amount of EP as raiders, however there is a minimum EP which will restrict you from receiving items for roughly the trial period, this is merely a precautionary measure. That said, the loot priority is generally raider MS > trial > raider OS > ....

Contact Us
Feel free to talk to us in game, at our website (trauma-jubei.com), in this thread, or PM me.