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    Multiple guilds per account has a limit?


    Since I have each char in a different guild atm (4 guilds total) and getting a error (Code=3040:1002:3:1930:101) when trying to join a 5th I am wondering is this a bug or a limit? I have 1 guild of my own (for storage) and I'm in one guild for finding dungeon groups (no represent needed) and checking out 2 guild wich I may end up joining for the long run but I cannot join a 3th (5th) that I would like to check out. Any thoughts?


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    I'm in 5 at the moment but it won't let me join a 6th.

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    The error 3040 message means that you are already a member of too many guilds. There is currently a limit of 4 guilds per account. My understanding is that the intended limit is 5, so you may be able to add an extra guild in the future, but at this point I don’t have an ETA for that fix. Also, the limit includes guild invitations as those are potential guild memberships. At this time, there is not any way for you to increase the limit on the number of guilds that your account can belong to. The best suggestion that I can offer right now is that you leave a guild or decline some guild invitations that you’ve already received.

    If you’d like to see a higher limit, please consider posting your feedback in the suggestions area of the official forums, which you can find here: https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/game/suggestions


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    Ah ok cool thanks.. So much for the unlimited guilds huh I guess it's still better then one.. altho it doesn't *always* beat the 1 guild per char.

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