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    i have had this issue since pre-mop now this is getting pretty fucking annoying..

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    I have the following empty files in my Wow\Data\Sound\Spells folder (create the folder if you don't have it):


    With no more sound problems.

    To create an empty file, right click in the folder and choose New > Text Document, and rename it to one of the above, without the ".txt". If you can't see file extensions, make sure they're enabled in your folder options (In any folder: Tools menu (press Alt key once to see it) > Folder Options > View tab > Uncheck "Hide exensions for known file types")

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    i have

    /script Sound_GameSystem_RestartSoundSystem()

    macrod, so if this screwup happens i just hit this macro and its sorted.

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    Man i havent been playing with sounds ingame since 2 days after vanilla release =O. Lately ive become pretty annoyed by the fact that i cant turn on only NPC emotes and get rid of all that static noise that is the rest of WoW's sound system, i know i can turn most of it off, but spells and animal noise is still there.

    so thx for the headsup on just deleting the sound files :P i always assume that the game would just recreate them once reloaded.

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    I guit the game because of this issue. I play wow on different computers and i am also a sound freak. I always have sounds, ambient sounds ans the music on at all times, and i play a frost mage. I cannot use my favoured talents because of the sound issue. It basically broke my experience with this game.

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    Well you could just make a macro or replace a sound file instead but yeah, quit if you want.
    It's a pain that Blizzard haven't fixed it yet but it's not an insurmountable issue.

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