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    Ret Paladin Pre MoP Raid BIS

    Title says it all just looking for a list/article stating the Ret Paladin Pre MoP Raid BIS. Seem to find 289318 on Prot and Holy D:

    Thanks guys.

    Am aware of Anaxies thread but I want an in depth guide as Im sure many other rets do on what gear they should be looking to get before raids.

    for eg

    1) itemexampleone - Need Exalted With Example Faction1
    2) 2nd best is crafted shoulders
    3) 3rd best is Heroic Blue one from Example Heroic 3

    And so on and so forth for all item slots, Anaxies is a little to off topic as the BiS chest according to the topic has dodge and parry on it.

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    Anaxie's OP in the thread is outdated, if you cared to read it. It will be updated before launch, according to him atleast.

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    Well, the good thing is that we have a week to level and get prepared for raiding, so that's a big plus.

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    I've come up with this so far: http://chardev.org/profile/1204-Pre-Raid-Bis.html if it isn't pre raid bis it's pretty close. Replace the second trinket with http://mop.wowhead.com/item=79327 since it's only obtainable in a raid. Chardev just didn't have that trinket on their trinket list for some reason.
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    pvp items are still better than any of those "dungeon" items?

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    thank you very much Nythion.

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