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    Registration Problem- Help Please

    I just purchased The Old Republic for my girlfriend (from Wal-Mart). She is trying to register, and already had a free-to-play account, so she just had to add more information to her previous account.

    Well, she put in all the info she needs, and now it's telling her to use the confirmation email that was sent. She didn't get one, and it has been over a half an hour now. Does it normally take this long, or is there some sort of issue with the system? We tried submitting a ticket to the Support, but upon hitting "Submit", we were taken back to the page where we fill out the ticket.

    Anybody know what can be done? Because nothing seems to be working.

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    Try checking your 'Spam' folder just in case. I know some emails tend to end up there, but I doubt that is the case. Try resending the confirmation email and/or change email addresses.

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    I used a different email address and it fixed the problem.
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