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    Any suggestions for info resources?

    I just started playing ToR last weekend, however I'm not new to mmo's. As such one of the first thins I did, while the game was installing, was look for information resources. As of now I have the official forum, mmo-mehcanics, mmo-champ (of course), and DarthHater. However one of the things I noticed is that there is an incredible void of up-to-date class guides. And what information I could find is largely outdated.

    Does anyone have any sites they go to for things like up-to-date guides, rotations, ect, that they could recommend to someone who doesn't want to suck?

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    Class guides seem to be MIA around the internet. Most guide you find will be HIGHLY out of date, such as Noxxic, etc.

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    I would recommend http://www.swtor-spy.com - They have many guides and I find the information reliable, YMMV.

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    Try to google "[insert class] Guide 1.3"... . Tons of sites are not up to date due the decrease in players and therefore interest in the game but you can find up to date guides here and there.

    (at least that's what I did and you get the informations asap)

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