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    DS was far from the best raid tier, but I'm much more excited to be done with FL. I liked FL better than DS, but having spent more than a year now doing that place every week for legendaries and then mount sales, I can't wait to wipe my hands clean and never ever return again.

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    Rag during progress....

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    After 30+ weeks of DS, I am glad I never have to set foot in that place again, also, I can proudly say I have never fallen to my death while going between platforms on heroic madness

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    At Warmaster atm, hope my Hc Gurt will finally drop, as its the last chance

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    Nope, I don't think I'll return to DS again, I did everything, got the tier sets I wanted (the warrior and mage tier were awesome), and got the mounts. Good riddance.

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    Good riddance, finally we get rid of DS.

    The only raidtier i really enjoyed in cataclysm was Tier11, T12 (FL) was mediocre and T13 (DS) was just plain bad and lasted way too long, even in the start when DS was still challenging in heroic mode i already despised it.

    Can't wait to be raiding T14 on live, something fresh finally.
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    Judge, do you have to be such a nerd all the time? You're embarrassing me and I'm just somebody that you used to know...

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    how 9 mounth of DS be boring when ICC takes much longer 12 mounth
    I was enjoying DS whatever ppl says it's boring, problem was of downgraded 25 raiding

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    I don't think it was as bad as everyone says. Firelands was worse, much worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cham View Post
    I don't think it was as bad as everyone says. Firelands was worse, much worse.
    amen to that i finally completed my glory for that accursed place took me 6 months just to get the brushfire part of barrel roll so id never have to go back

    i also have the ds glory since it no longer requires hc madness and since the mount wont be guaranteed drop there's no need to return there either

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    At the time I did get my raggy heroic kill I felt more like I had done Cataclysm Completely, than with my Madness heroic kill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Osmeric View Post
    I enjoyed all the raids I participated in during Cataclysm's lifespan.

    Granted, none of them were raids in WoW.


    Hah! What in the world?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dd614 View Post
    I think people will look back on DS the same way they look back at Crusader's Coliseum.
    I'll certainly remember it as such, the difference being TOC at least had an awesome last boss on heroic mode.

    Ragnaros was a much better end-boss, he was pretty similar to the Lich King, mistakes were really punishing and lots of things required immediate reaction, plus a high damage output and a length fight that really pushed you.

    As much as I found Firelands a bit hit 'n miss, Ragnaros would have been an incredible boss to end the expansion on, MOD just didn't have it.

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    I didn't realize last night was my well last night of DS until after we cleared. We got a friend their drake and tested out a couple trials for MoP raiding. It was over in no time and then I realized, no more raiding next week. Oh well, on to the next!

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    My guild celebrated the last week of Dragon Soul by doing 8/8H without the debuff. It was fairly easy since we already have our strategies down along with BiS gear.

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    Will be remembered fairly fondly as the raid that got me back in to raiding, or was it the first raid I did since quitting raiding in t11 :S It was bad though, I disliked it a lot at times, although I always enjoyed Yor Hc.

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    Last Hc Madness kill, sword didnt drop, mount went to someone else... also whole run didnt actually droppped anything that a Warrior could use. I guess this raid hates me so I hate it the same

    Now just run with my alts to complete set for Mage and Hc set for DK.

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    Will remember DS as a piece of shit, enjoyed most of the raid content until 4.3, after that it went downhill for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archermit View Post
    I honestly think that if anyone remembers DS with rose tinted glasses, those glasses should be very promptly ripped off their head, broken into small bits and used to gouge out their eyes as you shout repeatedly the reminder that DS IS BAD!!!!!
    My guild is almost to heroic Deathwing. For us, it's still very awesome content. We all enjoyed DS. Did I enjoy other raids more... such as ICC? Yes. Do I think some of the complaints about DS are over the top? Yes.

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    Don't have anything against DS itself, but having so few bosses between the this tier and the last got old incredibly fast.
    15 bosses in as many months is completely inexcusable.
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