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    I had fun with my guild.
    And i'd say it was a good way to end my raiding 'career'.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rekindled View Post
    So This will be my guilds last Raid of Dragonsoul and Firelands (150k carry) tonight. Somehow... I am a little sad. Don't get me wrong DEATH TO DS. But... End of a long era so, how will the instance be remembered: with rose tinted glasses, or as a big pile of poo?

    I gotta say, I felt the same way about ICC and to a lesser extent BT, at the time, but NOW I look back and go "Man that crap was awesome".

    So to bring it together, How will the WoW community look back on DS at the end of MoP and from then on?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dd614 View Post
    I think people will look back on DS the same way they look back at Crusader's Coliseum.
    Crusader's Coliseum wasn't bad enough to make me quit the game, Dragon Soul was.

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    just did my last DS on my alt priest with 390 itemlevel.
    we 2 healed the hole place.
    we had 1 tank the hole run! inc warmaster and ultraxion!
    i remember the first ultraxion heroic run i did with my rogue.
    seeing ppl there hp go up and down from 100% to 70 then to 80 and back down to 50% in a single second!
    also doing spine and having everything setup for max burst! tank kiting the bloods and having a ton of em up!

    the fights got nerfed to much

    still the fights where fun in the start! having differend tactics per fight depending on your group.
    unsleeper with picking between a yellow red and purple phase. knowing what debuff you would get and reacting properly!

    then there was madness heroic. impales killing tanks. having so much aoe dmg on the raid the healers went oom.
    and having him down for the first time!

    still ill remember DS as the first raid where my char got bis geared when it was relevent. my first legendaries and how i was annoyed the dmg wasnt as i expected-.-
    yea qq blizz buffing the daggers to where the should have been with what? couple of weeks to go?

    if raided ICC for ages. same as firelands. and tbh it all gets to dulll when your raiding the same place for months and having only ragg not done on heroic because ppl cba seeing DS was coming out-.- wish i started raiding FL sooner the boy that will forever be named the HHD wiper. R.I.P

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    /shrug. Every final xpac raid zone gets the same feeling from people. People generally don't like it at the time then a couple tiers later it's the best zone ever. The only raid zone which I honestly don't remember a whole lot of complaints about was SWP, and any complaining stemmed from it being gated like crazy. Halion was...pointless and technically the very final boss of WotLK. HLK pretty much tore a lot of guilds in half that were already skeleton crews after the fiasco called TotGC... H Madness was wrongly overhyped by the Devs which is what contributed to a lot of it's downfall, not to mention being a bit too easy compared to the rest of the zone pre-zone buffage. I'm also finding it pretty funny everybody's boasting having a pre-nerfed HLK25 kill or some 15% kill...Lol? You didn't but it's ok. =P

    Far as raids for Cata, T11 had far too many issues. Pre-nerfed AC was pure, unadulterated hell. (was it ever nerfed and not just outgeared?). Firelands was as boring as DS. Mechanics didn't much change from Normal->Heroic for T12 and 13. In that respect, T11 > all even then, not really. Outside that, I didn't find Cataclysm as a whole particularly engaging or well thought out far as raid zones. It all felt a bit reused too much without any originalities. Maybe we're all spoiled from Ulduar, or there's simply nothing that could keep the interests of well seasoned raiders. Who knows. But I'd say this xpac was probably more successful than previous.

    The statistics are interesting for each tier this xpac. 2-3k guilds killed the end bosses in T11 before the ranks were frozen. (pretty sure wowprogress froze T11 kills?). T12 which has not yet been frozen for whatever reasons has seen over 7k guilds killing H Rag. T13 has seen nearly 14k since it's currently still be tallied and credited. To an extent, DS was probably more successful for the average guild to being able to see and kill the end boss than previous tiers. And I think in Blizzards eyes, the xpac was a good success raid-wise.

    Compared to WotLK (minus T7):

    H Halion saw less than 1k get their kills credited. H LK saw just a smidge over 1k. ToGC saw over 2k credited Anub kills. Yogg0 saw about 1500 credited kills vs. Algalon's nearly 4k credited kills. Pretty small numbers. The differences between the two xpacs are pretty substantial.

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    I did not grow bored of ICC nearly as quickly, the months in ICC were far more fulfilling than Dragonsoul.

    More bosses, better atmosphere, plus we were 25 man at the time. So.... now I'm kinda dreading the next raids for all the wrong reasons. And that saddens me. DS will be a stain on my raiding memories. I didn't even get furiously worked up and scream at an idiot player nearly as much as I did in ICC/Sunwell. And that doesn't bode well, it just scream 'bland bland bland'.
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    About the third time I did DS, the GL I had been with for 7 years announced he was leaving the game. After that several other people I had raided with for 7 years left also.

    So I'll remember DS as the last time I raided with some of the very best people I've met. High point for me, really - low point as well.

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