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    Once dreamt I was a red shirt in Star Trek and got stabbed in the back by whatever bad guy Kirk and Spock had revealed and I remember lying on the ground knowing it was acting but being in pain BECAUSE I WAS FUCKING STABBED IN THE BACK BY A SHAPESHIFTING ALIEN and thinking Kirk and Spock were cuntbags for carrying on talking with the course of the script while I lay bleeding.

    I was in the middle of a wet dream a couple of years back; I don't have them very often, and was enjoying it for obvious reasons. Then suddenly things started getting a wee bit surreal; I got Rick Rolled in my dream, but instead of Rick Astley, I had a creature appear and introduce itself as CRITICAL VOLE! The master of the inappropiate time to enter.

    Also had a dream once about Mia from Golden Sun being in bondage. That was a weird one. I like bondage; however videogame characters do nothing for me, least of all pixellated Gameboy sprites, and furthermore, she's always wearing something that looks like cleric gear underneath a tea cosy of a jacket. Nice colour, but not my thing. I remember thinking the bit gag looked a bit off.
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    Wow, some of the dreams written here are just epic...

    Well, i never really had a weird dream but the closest to this cattegory is that i find myself in a class room, all alone with a test, i find myself taking this test for no apparent reason, i know the subject but i dont know any of the answers, time passes on and the test finishes and i answer nothing, then i wake up heart beating and all sweaty, i run to my desk frantically and then it hits me ...

    i graduated 3 terms ago... /facepalm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chonaire View Post
    No, not everyone.
    If you are past puberty, you have them you might not remember them but it is a natural function of hormones and how they affect the sleeping mind. Something to keep in mind the only dreams you remember are the ones before you wake up. All humans have at least 3 dream cycles a night.

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    there has been a couple of weird dreams that i remember, but yes the deja vu ones, happen every so often, wish it was the lottery numbers and i remembered them -.-

    First weird one was not all that long ago, and i was sick, fever and on meds. My dream was an internal struggle between light and dark, influenced by my cold and hot fever states. But as it was, i was just a being, warrior i think, trying to be who i was, fighting against the dark, was very weird, but i guess understandable with those circumstances.

    another weird one was being Shania Twains toy boy, back when i was 15 i think. this was a reoccuring one too, for a few years
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    I remember most of my dreams and out of those, probably 80% of them are morbid or just freaky. I have one recurring dream that I recently drew a picture of, so I'll just share it instead of going into detail about a different one. A woman stands gazing me from the end of a hallway with a large mirror on the wall behind her. She's just standing there, looking at me with a pleasant expression. Then, she turns around around peers into the mirror but her reflection turns into a terrible monster and she screams. She turns and faces me again, resuming her pleasant expression as if nothing happened, and turns around again to see her reflection turn into this looming beast. This turning around repeats about a dozen times when finally, her reflection reaches out and pulls her through the mirror and everything goes black. That's when I wake up because there is nothing left for me to see. It's just blackness.

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    I was riding my bicycle over a landscape that could have been a stage for Teletubbies.
    Then I felt a sudden urge to shit, took my pants off while still on my bicycle.

    I produced the longest shit ever. On my bicycle. In Teletubbie land.

    Never knew what that was supposed to mean.

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    I once had a dream where I was tied to a chair in some large room with a guy holding a handgun. He's shoot me, killing me instantly, but I'd just reappear in another chair. I could still see my body and everything. That went on several dozen times before I woke up.

    Pretty much every dream I have (and can remember), involves me dying somehow.

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