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    Winter for sure. Love camping when it's winter. The colder the better!

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    I like the snow and cold, cozy warm inside. I like school/work. But most of all I like wearing only T-shirts and shorts, swimming and late nights

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    Mind if I roll need? xskarma's Avatar
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    Winter is actually winning?! I'm a summer person, I can take any amount of heat basically, but I freaking HATE cold. It hurts. :<

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    Neither are really fun, its either constant -30 or constantly +25.

    I prefer spring, its not stupidly hot but you can go outside without getting frost bite in 10 minutes.

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    Suprised Winter is the favorite here.....or maybe not, if you are just an addicted gamer its easy to prefere winter, you will never go out much.

    And it seems it depends on where you are living.

    I like winter in hot zones too. Like anything near africa for example. Gran Canaria isles for example. Its best in winter to go there. I tried summer it was way too hot.
    On the otherside here in Austria, Vienna i prefere autumn and spring, but out of the 2 choices maybe summer. I used to prefere winter, but i found joy in the summer, there are some ugly heat weeks that you need to overcome but the majority of the summer is not that hot. its between 20-30 degrees. Thats okay for summer. Winter here just means you will freeze your ass off.
    Also, i do not like to put that much clothing on myself and see chics dressed in more cloth.
    And i do not like that bugs are dieing unlike some other guy here. I do not like all the deaths in the insect worlds. Even though sometimes they are annoying i think death is very, very terrible. I do not like it at all.(that said i alway try play to villains like necromancers in games lol) I think its ok if a zone is always covered in snow and ice, but its horrible to see a warm summer end in a terrible cold winter that kills all living that can't reach a warm place. i hate really hate my place for this. Better live near the sea coast.

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    Winter. Then it isn't 100+ degrees here all the time. And no flies or rattlesnakes. And it rains sometimes. And with cold, you can always add more layers of clothes, but with extreme heat... well you can't exactly take your skin off.

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    Summer. It's way too cold and dark in the winter in Finland which makes that season just depressing.

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    Winter for the weather, Summer for driving and the ladies :P

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    Below 10 degree is too cold, above 25 degree is too hot, I hate both summer and winter.

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    It's always a "greener on the other side" type of thing. In the summer I always look forward to winter and christmas, but in the winter, I look forward to the warmth of summer. Right now I'm really homesick because I moved to California for a while, but I'm looking forward to going back for the winter!

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    I hate winter, I would rather be hot than cold.

    Winter is just a giant hassle. Constantly cleaning off the car, shoveling the driveway from a foot of snow every week, hazardous driving, power outages from ice storms...

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    i hate winter, and i hate fall too. i hate the cold, i hate getting sick and stuff and that seems to only happen during the winter/fall. mid/late spring is my favorite, but summer is a close second.

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    Winter I hate:

    scraping car window in the morning
    girls wear too much
    have to wear lots when go out and is uncomfortable
    lips splits if not got moisteriser

    Summer I hate:

    so hot don't want to do anything
    generally more aggressive when hot
    sweaty feeling
    after work the steering wheel feels like can cook your hands
    food generally get out of date much quicker

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    I hate summer. It's too warm and I'm uncomfortable all the time. And the only time it's alright is at night, but even then it's too damn hot. lol. Fall/winter is much better to me. It's a lot cooler and when it's raining for example, it's nice and cozy. Winter can get cold and it's fine. Snow is fine as well, it's just when it turns to slush. That's when it sucks. If it were up to me it would be fall all year round. That's the time of year when it's crisp outside, but not too cold. Love it.

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    “Winter is here”
    I spent most of my life in Alaska, so I love the winters. I especially love it when it snows at night. It's so nice to look at.

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    Overall, I prefer winter. I just love the snow, and the lack of insects is a plus. I could do without sub-zero temperature days, though.

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    winter cus winter is coming !
    game of thrones fan

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    Autumn. Because winter is too cold and summer is too hot. Autumn has a period when it's warm enough to go to the sea and stuff but not as warm as to get sunburns and have fleas from pets and mosquitos and all that, and the end is a bit cold but perfect for mountain travel as there's already snow there. Also, same thing, no fleas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goochy View Post
    Winter by far. In the summer I work for 90+ hours a week. It's not very fun.
    13 hours a day? wut?

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    Definitely winter. I like cool air, plus I hate almost everything about summer.

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