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    Winter vs Summer - What's your favourite?

    Just out of curiosity.

    Say which one is your favourite and explain why.

    I love winter/snow. I can't take any heat, it gives me headaches, plus I burn easily on sunlight. I love the cold winter temperatures, I actually like feeling cold, plus the white rooftops covered in snow look beautiful in my opinion... and the Christmas Markets *_*

    Everything about winter is perfect imo... well, maybe except when winter is coming to an end and the snow is melting and it looks like mud -_-

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    winter because all the bugs are dead

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    The Patient Crunga's Avatar
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    Clarkston, MI
    Summer because I hate having to wait for my car to warm up.

    Plus I like being able to walk out of the house in just gym shorts and not having to freeze my ass off.

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    The Lightbringer Ave07's Avatar
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    South Florida
    Winter because, I hate the heat as its always 90+ here in Florida. =/

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    I am Murloc!
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    Neither really. I much prefer Fall above the other seasons.

    > Crisp air
    > No heat and humidity that Iowa usually sees during the summer
    > Less rain than the Spring
    > Beautiful colors from the trees
    > No snow and below zero temperatures

    . . . . Oh, and football.

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    Winter. Summers in my country are extremely hot, not to mention the whole yard smells like dog poop from the trash bin.

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    Winter because I prefer the cold temperature, the overall weather and the SNOW!

    But, BUT! I hate the ice on the roads more than ANYTHING

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    Used to be winter. But now that I've discovered how unexpectedly satisfying and relaxing that gardening is, I prefer summer.

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    Winter because I do not like heat. Ice is lame, but at least I don't walk outside and instantly want to crawl back in from humidity, stupid Iowa.

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    summer because no school/uni...and i just feel happier for some reason >.< in winter i hate the feeling of going home when it's pitch black, it being cold and having to wake up when it's still dark and cold

    Although i love the autumn feeling ie. Halloween, scary films, bonfire night, crunchy leafs etc not too warm and not too cold yet :S

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    Pandaren Monk Klutzington's Avatar
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    'Murrica, of course.
    Winter so hard. Cold > Hot. I can warm up indefinitely in the winter if needed. In the summer you pretty much only suffer with the heat.

    Always 90F+ (32C+) here.

    Also. Christmas.
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    Autumn! Out of those 2 I probably prefer winter though
    Night gathers, and now my watch begins.

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    Mechagnome Elgefar's Avatar
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    Summer. Having minus 10 average during the winter is pure shite when you have chronic migraine. Summer on the other hand is warm (20 degrees celsius average) which is a perfect temperature when you are plagued with migraine as much as I am. You also have girls in bikini, volleyball at the beach and beautiful sunrises and sunsets.
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    The Patient Goochy's Avatar
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    Winter by far. In the summer I work for 90+ hours a week. It's not very fun.

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    Fluffy Kitten Majad's Avatar
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    I can't stand living without both, or any of them. Summer is good, you can walk with your sandals and not shoes, yuppi, t-shirts and shorts all day.

    In winter, I like the rain and look at the sky, like a silly man I am... :b, I like the cold, getting confy on my bed on cold nights, go to the sofa and cuddle with my pillow... feels really good.

    I just like both, I need both! :P
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    Winter, i don't like the heat... Sweating on places i didn't know that they could produce sweat.

    Just fuck summer, i really hate it. It's always too hot, or just a bit too cold to go outside in a t-shirt. In the winter it's just cold/freezing, add a sweater and it's done. No sweating at all.

    I also like the feeling when i come from outside in the cold to inside in the warmth <3

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    The High Seraph Iliyra's Avatar
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    The Heaven
    Beautiful landscapes. Entering cosy warm rooms after wandering through the bitter cold. Snow. Christmas.
    Nope, summer can't compare to that.

    The only downside is that I won't be able to ride my motorcycle for at least 3-4 months. :<

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    I am Murloc! Azutael's Avatar
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    I can handle cold better than heat, so therefore I chose winter.
    Really prefer autumn/fall though, to me it's the perfect time of the year :P

    Wish I lived further north so I got to see the northern lights again, miss that from my childhood =/

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    The Patient
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    New Hampshire
    I like 4 season things :/

    Summer- go out and do stuff, back packing, fishing, n etc

    Fall- football and awesome beer time of the year.... also best time for hiking.

    Winter- fire place and ability to go sledding, ski ing, ice fishing and if im stupid enough, rock climbing .... ( cough cough more of ice climbing without the gear)

    Spring- awesome when you just get tired of snow and watch everything grow again.

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    Winter for the skiing. No question there.

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