View Poll Results: Who is the best music composer in gaming?

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  • Jeremy Soule (Knights of the Old Republic, Skyrim, Guild Wars 2)

    67 31.90%
  • Harry Gregson-Williams (Metal Gear Solid franchise, Call of Duty 4)

    10 4.76%
  • Jack Wall (Mass Effect franchise, Jade Empire)

    19 9.05%
  • Hans Zimmer (Modern Warfare 2, Crysis 2)

    23 10.95%
  • Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy franchise)

    81 38.57%
  • Akira Yamaoka ( Silent Hill franchise)

    10 4.76%
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    Nobuo Uematsu for me.

    The women that did Sympony of the Night is great, there were MANY good pieces on that (my fav being Lost Painting), however, other than that game I am not sure if she done much more exceptional work.

    Nobuo Uematsu on the other hand, MUCH more exceptional work, I am sad when I couldn't get a ticket to Distant World (Final Fantasy Orchestra concert) on November

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    Kenji Yamamoto

    Gotta love the classics.

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    That list is 80~% inaccurate. The only two names that deserve to be there are Nobuo Uematsu and Koji Kondo. Those other names are of freaking juniors who don't even have a sliver of talent compared top NU and KK. You've listed all these people and their 'modern' games where they have everything at their disposal to make complex soundtracks - yet NU and KK actually had to deal with software limitations and be more creative for it. They have both made 8-bit music that blows every last one of those other musical toddlers' comparably garbage modern work out of the water. I mean seriously... have you ever heard any of those non-Nobou names on the list mentioned? I haven't. Does Modern Warfare, Mass Effect, Skyrim etc. have any well known songs? No? Do the Mario and Final Fantasy series? Tons. Furthermore, this history of actually having the be creative has influenced their newer works as well - games like Mario Galaxy and the PS1/PS2 Final Fantasies have more well composed pieces in a half hour then Call of Duty does over it's entire game library.

    Leaving Koji Kondo of the list in exchange for those other guys is just... criminal. I mean, you should literally be put in jail for that. How many hundreds of more pieces has he composed then Henry Gregwho-nobodyknowsthisguy? It leads me to beleive you really don't know a whole lot about great video game music composers. Music is subjective, but musical talent is not. Koji Knondo and Nobou Uematsu are literally the best, and their only peers are each other.

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    Meh, no Koji Kondo on the list. Pretty much the most epic composer and every gamer knows a tune or two of him.

    Also, no David Wise on the list (RAREWARE-composer). I mean Donkey Kong Country tunes were just epic too.

    This leaves me no choice but to vote for Jeremy Soule, as I do like the music from Guild Wars 2 more than any of the other titles. He's not my number one composer by a long shot, it's just that he's the better one on this mediocre list.

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    Stéphane Picq

    Noone else mentioned can match this guy in originality.

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    Yuzo Koshiro : Revenge of Shinobi Series, Streets of Rage Series, Actraiser 1&2. Hands Down Streets of Rage 2 is the BEST game soundtrack I ever heard.

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    There is NO best, there simply isn't in my eyes.

    Jeremy Soule, Jack Wall and Nobuo Uematsu are one of the greatest in this field.
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    Kenji Yamamoto for doing Super Metroid and Metroid Prime's soundtracks. Some of the best music ever.

    Others include Jun Ishikawa (Kirby), Junichi Masuda (Pokémon) and Koji Kondo (Mario, Zelda).

    Kind of stupid that there isn't an option called 'Other' in the poll, because those are mostly people who are new to making game music, as opposed to the ones doing the scores for the older games and have done so for 20 years.
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    thx for posting the half life 2 link. fantastic music there.

    also where's matt uelman? Tristram is amazing.

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    Where is Russell Brower? Invincible from WotLK may be the best song I have heard from gaming industry.

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    I'd go with Inon Zur.

    I adore his work, particularly the IWD2 and DAO soundtracks.

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    Though from this list I choose Jeremy Soule, the only game sound Track I've ever bought is Dear Esther - it's score was composed by Jessica Curry. If you haven't played the game, then I strongly recommend youtubing a few of the tracks - 'I have begun my Descent' being possibly the best!

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    what about the guy that did all the halo music, hasnt he won awards and stuff?

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    Best composer of the West: Jeremy Soule

    Best composer of the East: Nobu Uematsu

    They are rather equal in their stunning orchestrals, but Uematsu's music actually brings me to tears sometimes, he can pull the right string if its incorporated into the game properly.
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    Frank Klepachi isn't in this list? I don't approve!

    Of the list, Nobuo Uematsu.
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    I won't vote because there is no composer for the WoW music.

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    Has to be Jeremy Soule for the way he brought Skyrim to life, all those ambient sounds while exploring everywhere from dungeons to getting caught up in battle and of course for giving me that epic feeling when exploring Sovngarde

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dalarius View Post
    Dude, where's Marty O'Donnel from the Halo Series ? He's one hell of a composer ! He can make an epic and calm music at the same time, listen to the whole discography of the Halo Series (Halo 1-2-3-Reach), and you'll be astonished with his musical work.
    Normally i dont really take notice of music in games, but i will agree with you here, the music pieces from the halo series are beautiful.
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    I'd have to say jack wall and it's for one reason.

    The obvious nod to blade runner gets the geek in me excited.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dalarius View Post
    Dude, where's Marty O'Donnel from the Halo Series ? He's one hell of a composer ! He can make an epic and calm music at the same time, listen to the whole discography of the Halo Series (Halo 1-2-3-Reach), and you'll be astonished with his musical work.
    As much as I disliked playing through Halo I gotta say that the music was one of the few pluses about the series. They definately nailed that.

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