View Poll Results: Who is the best music composer in gaming?

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  • Jeremy Soule (Knights of the Old Republic, Skyrim, Guild Wars 2)

    67 31.90%
  • Harry Gregson-Williams (Metal Gear Solid franchise, Call of Duty 4)

    10 4.76%
  • Jack Wall (Mass Effect franchise, Jade Empire)

    19 9.05%
  • Hans Zimmer (Modern Warfare 2, Crysis 2)

    23 10.95%
  • Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy franchise)

    81 38.57%
  • Akira Yamaoka ( Silent Hill franchise)

    10 4.76%
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    Whoever wrote Ballad of the Wind Fish.
    Quote Originally Posted by Wells View Post
    Lets say you have a two 3 inch lines. One is all red and the other is 48% red and 52% blue. Does that mean there's a 50-50 chance they're both red or is the second line matching the all red line by 48%?
    ^^^ Wells using an analogy

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    Quote Originally Posted by xylophone View Post
    Whoever wrote Ballad of the Wind Fish.
    That would be Koji Kondo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tangosmango View Post
    Michael Jackson for composing SONIC music.

    Jesper Kyd for composing Hitman music.

    Kelly Bailey for composing HL music.
    Masato Nakamura composed the sonic piece you posted; Nakamura worked on Sonic 1 and 2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gorged View Post
    Im fed up of people saying koji kondo not a single piece of his music has stirred any kind of emotion in me yet he's supposed to this amazing composer he's seen as a legend because of the games he composed for not his composing skill.
    /end rant
    They're energetic. I don't want to cry halfway through playing Mario, why would I want to feel emotional when playing that game? Sure you'll probably feel nostalgic, but his tracks aren't even supposed to be like modern gaming music, which is good. Also, no reason to be ''fed up'' with people just because they have a different taste than you.

    And yes, he might have composed for some of the best games ever, but his music has contributed to make them such amazing games.

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    Whoever made the soundtrack for Beyond Good and Evil needs to make more for other games. I was blown away by the ambiance the music created.

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    My vote goes to Hans Zimmer everything he makes is just epic.
    I thought I did, but apparently I don't

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prm View Post
    Matt Gray, Jeroen Tel, Chris Huelsbeck, Bobby Prince, Rob Hubbard, Allister Brimble...

    Today's game is crappy overuse of "epic" symphonic.
    This is the real deal
    Link is broken, do you have another one for that piece?
    <-- That is otterly adorable.

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    Voted Hans Zimmer, since his compositions are usually just massive and really convey perfectly fitting moods. Whom I really miss in the list is Frank Klepacki!!! (most of the good stuff in C&C and several others)

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    Nobuo Uematsu so far ahead of anyone else.

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    I don't think if have heard of many groups performing the other guys music. Nobuo Uematsu sells CDs and seats for concerts like mad... even when it isn't him performing.

    EDIT: Also of note is the fact he did a lot of really good work on the SNES... not exactly a high quality sound system.

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    Nobuo Uematsu
    Koji Kondo
    Yasunori Mitsuda
    Matt Uelmen

    oh yeah and Yasunori Shiono
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