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    [A] Mad Prophets Dath'Remar 8/8HM - AU, SG, MY Guild

    Mad Prophets is a long standing 10 man guild made up of Australian, SG and MY and players. The guild has a very strong social core with numerous activities ongoing. We are currently 8/8 Heroic Dragon Soul.

    For our main team we are currently recruiting (Only toons with hardmode raiding experience need apply):
    - 1x Ele shaman
    - 1x Resto druid

    Our raid times are: (server time) 11:45PM - 2:30AM - (GMT+8) 9:45PM - 12:30AM
    Days are : Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday

    Consumables and guild repairs are provided by the guild.

    To apply for Mad Prophets please contact an officer in game for an interview on mumble. Alternatively you can drop us a message at our website http://madprophets.enjin.com/home.

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    updated with requirements . positions are core.

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