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    Another question..
    What can we expect from later patches? Can we get a little bit more detail, other than "Horde and Alliance will be mad at eachother lul".
    What exactly are we going to see?
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    Is there any plans for more options on transmogrification like changing the color of your armor and such?

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    QOL question for engineers: Is there any chance that engineers can look forward to goggle upgrades this time around? It'd be nice to stay relevant through the expansion instead of starting out with a perk and then dropping to toys-n-stuff by the end of the expansion. Even if it was the pattern drop system we saw in Sunwell, it'd still be preferable to have hope that we're a competitive raiding profession throughout Mists of Pandaria.

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    I got two.

    Q1: So I hear the team is already working on 5.1 and 5.2. And these two patches both going to contain raids or will 5.1 be like 4.1 and not contain a new raid tier?

    Q2: The story is really building up to a legion invasion. Should this be taken as a hint the next expansion will be a return to Outland?

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    My question which has been haunting me ever since I started doing lower level areas for Loremaster.
    Is there any plan to make all quest mobs which need to be weakened before you can use an item on that mob none killable? I mean that their HP won't be brought below 1, no matter what level character does the quest.
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    When LFR was introduced, one would think that would be the end of nerfs to heroic raiding content within a tiers expansion since it ends up being another LFR-mode, and now challenge modes to give players the challenge that's missing in raiding. (Challenge modes will also be nerfed, since if not enough is completing to gold they will stop using it which is the very reason for nerfing heroic raiding)
    Did it ever cross your mind that it's perfectly acceptable that not every single player out there must raid, yet your trying to funnel everyone into it much at the expanse of those who've been doing it for years and only care about raiding in this game?- not to mention your nerf's obliterate any reasonable gearing timeline for anything below world 100.

    Ps; An answer to the question instead of the usual; there will be a FoS now for completing without the nerf.
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    Why did you make the game a race, instead of a journey? (Gear, Raids, Achievements, level ect.)
    Will this always be?

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    You've talked extensively about 25 man raiding and 25 man loot. But what about 10 man loot? With DS bosses only dropping 2 items, and tier tokens taking one of those drops, it is realistically impossible to completely gear a 10 man raid. Even after months of farming there were some items we never saw, even once. Cata effectively nerfed the gear acquisition rate every tier. Will this improve to something reasonable in MoP?

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    Question #1:
    What lessons did you guys take away from Death Knights, and how are you applying it to Monks?

    Question #2:
    A lot of 25-man raiders appreciate the wider, more stable community of 25-man raiding guilds but their rapid decline is breaking up these broad communities. Do you think this is constituting to the lack of social interaction between players that users lament about? Is this being considered in the discussions to restore 25-man raiding?

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    I dunno if it is too late, thou My question would be;

    Have devs thought of the opportunity to use the in game voice chat, and bring it to the next level as long tie discussed? It has a huge potential, even as a blizzard game wide client, and could use a great combination with random groups, battletags, and real Id's. Even made a thread on live forums, with already some great feedbacks in eu forums. I know a lot use vent/mumble etc, however, even if 10% used such a feature, it would make a huge different. So summed up, any possibility to finish the project that once started back in bc?

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    Question for the Devs:

    The animations on the challenge mode sets are very nice, i really like that (though as feral i sadly won't see them too often). Is there a chance that weapon enchants could work in a similar way? For example: The visual effects of Power Torrent is only visible for the duration of it's proc? It would be a visual feedback for players, and t would partly solve the annoying transmog issue.

    best regards, glaedric

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    Quote Originally Posted by nancypants2012 View Post
    Now that challenge mode dungeons have been introduced, do you guys have any plans of going back and adding older dungeons to the list?
    Blizzard answered this already, they said they would love to and it wouldn't be hard but they dont wanna cross the line between new and rehashed content. Blizzard also said if they have time and enough people want it, it will happen.

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    With the technology being used in challenge mode dungeons, are there any plans to include classic/bc/wotlk raids in something like LFR? It would nice to be able to revisit some of those places.

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    My friends and I were running the level 70 raids and fondly remembering tier 5 and 6. Has Blizzard given any thought to possibly making those old raid available as normalized raid instances? Something like the challenge modes where everyone is essentially decked out in that raid level gear? I imagine it may be a lot of work but imagine the amount of options people would have. People don't do a lot of old raids because they are faceroll, but who wouldn't want to do Illidan again as it was intended? Or Felmyst, etc etc. A lot of people never got to see any of t5 or t 6.... seems like a shame.

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    I have to agree on that one, it would make a huge difference if you could speak with ppl in your Battleground and have a "Mute all/Vote mute" option if you don't wanna listen to it.

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    question for the DEVs:

    Blizzard in the very early days called themselfs Ogre studios..(yeah!), ogres were first on Chris mind when he talked about potential races he wanted to add to the game (Burning Crusade Behind The Scenes - The Draenei 07:45), we have allso seen lots of "new" ogre based camps around azeroth during this a sign for things to come? with the goblins now as a part of the horde , we only need ogres to complete the "old" horde from WarCraft 2 and with that affinity to ogres would be a shame if we never see them in the horde..

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    is there any expectations to update the appearance to some of the class specific mounts. kinda give them a facelift. i know personally i would like to see more flames on the Dreadsteed or have it randomly exhale smoke out of its nose etc.

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    Probably been asked, but will the rewards from Challenge Mode be Account wide ?

    What do you think of roles related achievments ? Example : run 50 heroics as a tank, kill a raid last boss as all 3 roles, etc.

    Are you ok with the current state of hunters gameplay ? More button for smaller numbers (I don't mean DPS, I mean actual numbers). Every expension changes our gameplay so much, it isn't always what I wanted when I created my hunter year ago.

    (Please fix my english if needed !)
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    PvE question:

    With 5.1 apparently being based around the Horde vs Alliance war, will anything in the PvE content of that patch reflect that? Is it possible to see faction specific bosses for dungeons and even possibly raids?

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    While we already know that it won't happen anytime soon, will "complete consolidation" of the old world/continents ever happen?
    Things like Exodar & Surroundings, Silvermoon & surroundings, and the zones that are displayed on map but still not accessible (for example that one northeast from trisfal glades)

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