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    Has Blizzard ever thought of adding some type of alternate advancement system to WoW? Often after a night of wiping on a boss, I would just want to play more to advance my character to increase my DPS just a bit. But if I am already pre-raid BiS I have nothing to do to advance my character. Although you did take steps to do things outside of raiding. You didn't address the progression of a character outside of a raid, other than cosmetic items.

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    1. At an older Blizzcon (I think 2009 or 2010?) it was mentioned that the Fishing skill was going to be changed so that it wasn't going to be the same old thing, but no details could be released at that time. Since it still is the same old thing what were those changes and are they still being worked on or was the idea scrapped?

    2. A while ago there was a blue post about Taiwan servers testing out raids reseting twice a week to make up for 10 and 25 now sharing lockout and then I never heard anything after that, how did that turn out?

    3. When or will the archaeology 359 epics be nerfed to require lvl 81 and be easier to find like the lower level epics are from this profession?
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    This question concerns the above item. Will we be able to use this in raids? If so, this item could potentially be a HUGE advantage to guilds that have healers with them during progression. Potentially generating 90% of your mana during combat is quite overpowered. I'm concerned that if this item gets in the hands of the right guilds, it will create a very unnatural outcome to competitive progression this coming tier. Furthermore, the following items (while not as OP as the one above) could all make a great impact on a guild's progression:
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    Given the success of the digital deluxe upgrade for MOP - are there plans to offer a digital deluxe upgrade for D3 / SC2 and previous exp paks? the value added items in the boxed collectors editions would mean they still retain the extra value, but i would LOVE the toys from the D3 and SC2 ce!

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    I have a lore question.. In Cataclysm, Goblins were introduced to the Horde thanks to the antics of a tyrannical Trade Prince named Gallywix. Thrall let him keep his position of power, oddly enough, and he now is in charge of all Goblin activity within the Horde. He's done such things as shaping Azshara in the Horde symbol's likeness, and carving his face in the side of a mountain..

    And yet, he's nowhere to be seen in-game. Not even an NPC! In lieu of Trade Prince Gallywix, at Gallywix's Pleasure Palace, there is some guy named "Trade Prince Donais".

    Where is the Trade Prince? Will we hear more from him in the coming patches, or perhaps the new Vol'jin novel?

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    Have you ever thought about doing a progressive revamp for heroic dungeons from Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm(And beyond) for future expansions? There are some Heroics I enjoyed doing and wouldn't mind seeing them upgraded nearly every expansion in case I miss em.

    Also, ever thought about doing a Raid throwback function that allows players to return to previous raids like Black Temple, Sunwell Plateau, Ulduar, Icecrown Citadel, Firelands and Dragon Soul, all with their gear adjusted to the appropriate level as a means of bringing back it's old challenge?

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    Greetings Cory, I just wish to ask you about some of the old content compared to nowaday's content.

    I wonder if we'll ever get to play Alterac Valley Old School some time in the future?
    Back in Vanilla the matches pretty much went on for a longer period of time where you had to strengthen your
    reinforcements, call upon the elementals and escort the gryphon riders in order to bombard the middle.

    This was, in my opinion the most amazing battleground we've ever seen in WoW's time.
    I mean, you don't have to remove Alterac Valley as it is now, but if you could add such a battleground in the future
    I am sure that many players would appriciate it!

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    WotLK and Cataclysm both had two initial leveling paths for the stampede to 80 and 85 respectively. MoP has a single path for that same rush, on beta I noticed that everyone will be funneled initially through a single vehicle quest (for alliance at least).

    I can't see this as being anything but a nightmare - is there any special 'tech' or 'magic' that we might not know about that could ease this initial congestion ? Like a reverse of CRZ or something?

    Thank you.

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    level 94 and below chugzftw nvm im a tool xD

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    I'm on a roleplaying server and see this disputed constantly so I'd really like to settle it.

    Isn't it illegal in lore to have a demon at your side in any alliance city? Same with ghouls for death knights?

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    I really enjoyed Wintergrasp. Tol Barad not so much. Why is there no dedicated PvP zone in Pandaria? And do you think Tol Barad wasn't as popular as Wintergrasp because it wasn't as valuable as a place to farm materials?

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    What is Genn Greymane up to and what about Krennan Aranas? Are the Worgen going to be cooking up a plague of their own to use against the forsaken or will they be able to find a way to immunize humans against the Vrykrul?

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    Have there ever been thoughts of adding more world pvp faction capital raiding challenges? killing the opposing factions leaders was fun. it would be nice to have other reason to rally up a lot of players to go raid the capitals. maybe like some kind of trophy that each server has that can be stollen back and forth and it changes capitals every so often. or maybe have like 2-3 switches in each capital city that are guarded and if all are flipped by opposing faction shut off that cities "power" for a certain time so they couldnt use the bank or something for a couple mins

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    Any plans with Dalaran considering the events that have occured in Theramore?
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    Hunters bows and guns will not show their sheathed appearance when login in or zoning. Its a visually annoyance, as weapons on all other races are visible. Will that be fixed in time for MoP release?

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    1. The Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron says "Extremely difficult to open." but is it really possible to open it or is it just a waste of time to keep trying?
    I haven't heard of anyone who has managed to open it yet, and it's not for lack of trying.
    It's a bit sad if it's just another trick to make us think and wonder as it says it should be possible to open.

    Many of the whispers hints about a place deep down in the ocean, and many think it might be off the Abandoned Reef in Vashj'ir,
    because most of the hints fits. There are some big skeletons and a pearl/sphere there which seems impossible to get to.

    2. What's the point of the event in the Whispering Forest and if we'll get to know more about it soon?

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    What Kinds of Boss mechanics, have the developers come up with that were either scrapped or were unfeasible in the game engine? There has been a lot of variety over the years, and fights are only getting more epic and complex; I'm interested to hear some of the more outrageous abilities.

    In addition, Boss encounter area's were quite interesting in Firelands, especially on Alysrazor, Bethilac, and to some extent even Ryolith. My second question, is are we going to see more of these fights centered around the area you fight the boss and how are they going to be different? I'm excited to test out Elegon, but for the most part, the area's I've seen so far are squares and circles of flat ground.
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    Question: Shirts! Why did you remove shirts from the player class starting gear and make them chests in Cataclysm? They added a lot of variety to the selection of shirts, and I quite liked using things like Brawler's Harness for armors with exposed bellies and the likes. The only ones you can still get are some of the human class shirts from the wandering merchant in Old Hillsbrad. I just don't understand the reason for nerfing this aspect of character customization.

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    Are there any vehicle-based encounters like Flame Leviathan in the works for future Mists patches? And if so, how many?
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    Why are you not letting people ready their Pandaren Monk now so they have a chance of being ready to compete with the rest of the server at release day? falling weeks behind can be devastating.

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