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    Challenge mode dungeons, and the talk of challenge mode raids is a unique shift in what people have been getting. Do you feel that keeping the rewards to the more difficult activities cosmetic, makes it more viable to be less accessible to less experienced players, or is it the same considering there were still many man hours put into designing the stuff that will only end up being accessible to a sliver of the endgame players?

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    I've noticed a lot of crazyness with the dps. First of all.. as DK tank, I shouldn't be hitting over 40k dps on bosses in dungeons. I know that we have some buffs, but c'mon.. 40k dps as a tank? Thats just ridiculous. And my 396 ilvl hunter can steadily stay at 40k. Also as a DK tank, I shouldn't be hitting nearly 60k dps in aoe damage when other dps classes can't even hit that. The only dps class that I have personally seen hit that much damage have been warlocks, surv hunters, and frost dks. Every other class seem to have HUGE difficulty hitting those dps marks. Is there going to be some patch work done to get these dps kinks worked out? I don't think tanks should be top dps (unless ur group is just bad). Dps classes that are geared and are experienced raiders, should not be having trouble competeing with tanks in dps. What can we see in dps changes?

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    Is there any plans of improving the personal bank ?
    I was thinking something like a extra tab like the guildbank that is shared between my characters on that realm (same faction)
    ofcource unable to hold soulbound gear.
    as it is I spend a lot of time logging between chars to mail mats back and forth,mats that could have been stored in a shared tab

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    A question for the lead content dev (Cory Stockton):

    How do the devs decide when a *NEW* boss mechanic (ex: strike team for Gara'jal or Sha of Fear vs another Patchwerk w/ raid aoe) is worth the time/effort to design and implement in new raids and is there a quota to meet for these new mechanics in a new raid zone?

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    It would be quite a delight to get an ETA on when we might start seeing even faint glimpses of the new character model updates.

    Also, ask if there is any plans to fix the OP'ness of healers in low level battlegrounds, especially discipline priests.

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    I have seen many questions answered in the recent community sessions (Which by the way, is awesome ) about 25 mans. But the common answer is "We understand the issue...we plan to do things about it". That's awesome and all but what or when are you doing with 25 mans? At this time it looks like the entire next tier of raiding is going to be like cataclysm. So much damage has been done to 25 man raiding that I really don't think you should leave it so late to do anything.
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    We are about out of time, so I am going to cut off questions here.

    For the next time we are able to do this, please keep your questions short and actually read the request. There were many class specific questions and many, many, many questions which have already been answered recently.

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