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    Question (Question) Holy Paladin 5.0.* / 5.1 Stat Weights and Priorities?

    First of all i would like to say that as a holy paladin, we have been a bit screwed over with mana, not getting even close as much healing as we used to be able to back in cata, (in my opinion), without going out of mana, let me know what you guys think about this also.

    So after reading several 5.0.* guides on holy paladins, im still in confusion about stat priorities regarding reforging.

    Ive read that haste is still best but i was like, how can it be with no more HoT on HR, maybe its just for eternal flame users, or maybe even just for cast times and GCD's

    Ive also read that you should get a haste cap of around 1500, leaving me to think that it may reduce cast times of everything by 0.1 seconds. But its so little so maybe its a waste of a stat?

    Ive also heard mastery. Mastery is the one that im currently reforged to. it made the most sense to me to choose mastery because of the sheer amount of protection it could add to the raid in AoE situations. But i am still yet to try this out in a current raid environment.

    So what have you guys reforged to and what do you feel helped you the most when the 5.0 patch hit, would love to hear your thought.

    Thanks - Acryaz

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    Personally from what I've gathered thus far...pallys will be gemming spirit > int and reforging for spirit > mastery > haste.

    So far I haven't been able to find any numbers of the exact amount of spirit we'll need before we can refocus on int, so until that point I'm going to have to play it by feel and gem/reforge accordingly. Currently I've reforged everything to mastery as the amount of haste I had was causing me to go oom far too quickly. Along with the change to BoM and having our mastery affect all our heals it has so far been the more sustainable build. That and with my mastery at over 30% it's absorbs are accounting for about 25-30% of my effective healing done.

    So to put it simply:

    Reforging gear: spirit > mastery > haste
    gemming: spirit until concrete numbers come out or I no longer have sustainability issues > int > mastery > haste

    I imagine once people get deeper into t14 and t15 we'll be switching back to haste as our primary reforge. Haste always ends up being best for us in the end. Not to mention that Blizz will change how we heal every tier again this expansion just like Cata. Mostly I'm planning on saving up plenty of gold for gems just in case.

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    The overall raid damage in first tier will be low, so you will just stack spirit and avoid too much haste to have a decent regen.

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