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    Quote Originally Posted by Sapho View Post
    Here's my armory for the guy who asked. It's pretty much frozen in time from a few months ago:

    Thanks for the feedback. I am willing to put in the time to gear pre-raid, and have at least raided in the past in guilds where maxed profs and stuff were expected, but yes I am pretty inexperienced in general.
    Eeeeee, no.

    Get into a casual guild first.

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    You want the truth, i will tell you the truth.
    You have no chance of getting into a serious guild if you are looking to play in a 10man.

    1st Most 10mans have their groups formed already.
    2nd you dont have much exp.
    3rd You want to play has Boomking.

    The 3rd one is what it is really hard to work on (see 1st) what do you bring that other classes dont? 5% spell haste it is a great buff has of now only hybrid ranged dps caster have it (not sure if resto shaman still has it) but we don't know if Boomking is going to be viable at 90. Most 10man will have a mage, lock and hunter for ranged dps, this because they have 3 specs to chose from, in case 1 of them sucks, you only have 1 and if you are not OP then you are out.

    On the other end most 25man will be more them happy to have you, extra innervate, tranquility, another person that can Combat ress in case the guys with CR are the ones who died and it takes off pressure from tanks and healers to worry about CR if the dps can do it.

    But there are problems with 25man guilds.
    They are dying and may not exit on your realm :X
    You need a better computer to play since with so many aoe shit going on your FPS will go down. (no problem if you already have a good PC like me XD)
    They may be full on Druids because they are so fun to play.

    Hope you find a good guild
    Bad - This is a bad player, he refuses to learn how to play correctly.
    Casual - This is a player that will let everything else take priority over wow.
    Hardcore - This is a player that is fine with putting things on hold while he's on wow.
    Bad/Good - Measure of Skill.
    Casual/Hardcore - Measure of Time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kisho View Post
    The only thing that raises alarm bells for me is the reluctance to go offspec. A raider having at least one viable offspec (or alt) is so, SO valuable to a raiding guild.

    That said, you've posted again to clarify that you are willing to go offspec, so there you go. Yes, you could be accepted to a decent raiding guild. Just be honest, humble, and co-operative and most decent raiding guilds will want you.
    off-topic :

    while I can see how having a viable OS is a plus I find it hard to understand why do GM refuse competent raiders just for refusing to respec .

    from a personal experiance POV , I was on the 2nd raid teams of both #1 ranked guilds on our realm (different patches each) and considered myself a pretty good lock/DPS in general comparing to the average WrA player and in general . always comes prepared to raids , on time after doing some HW . lately I decided to try horde side and join my former #1 realm ranked guild which moved to horde several monthes earlier . by that time the raid teams has dissolved and I had to look for a new raiding guild .

    a couple of my former fellow raiders offered me to join them on a new guild they've found . I filled up an application (first time ever) and was declined for not willing to respec evn though my friends vouched for me . on the application I stated I won't be respeccing for the soul reason that while I'm very good in my MS , I'm just as bad on my OS .

    it was nice seing some of the cooments here about how would you recruit a player who comes on time , prepared and can be a part of a team even though he/she lacks gear or raiding exp . sadly , MOST guilds and evn most openraid pugs don't share that opinion . an ilvl of 393 and no heroic title would not get you anywhere an Heroic run . good rep won't either .

    for those GM who said you would take that guy in a heartbeat , too bad you're not on my realm . I would join you in a sec.

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    You can easily get into one (might not be the first you apply to though) if you put time and effort into your apply. By time and effort I don't necessarily mean writing a novel, but something that looks like it took more than 15 minutes to do. Also remember to check what the guild needs, if it's already full with druids/moonkins/ranged DPS, you might want to look elsewhere.

    The difficult part will be whether you can stick with that guild. Basically, can you prove them you can play the game. It will depend a lot on what level of guild you are applying. If you are looking at rank 500+ guilds, and you are decent player and person, there really shouldn't be any problems getting a permanent roster spot. You can easily get into higher rank guild aswell if you are confident in your ability and think you can keep up there.

    The thing about raiding experience is, no one really cares about that after the application. After it's done, whether you have experience or not, it doesn't matter anymore. It's all about what you do after that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Taiphon View Post
    Why not?

    When MoP hits everyone will be busy farming heroics. If you go with guildies and make a good impression, they'll want you in on their raids as well.
    Gear-wise, yeah, we'll all be pretty equal at the start of MoP. But why should a guild that has core and reserve members be forced to sit any of them for a new trial? I can tell from his WotLK experience that he's raid aware, which is always a good thing, but if OP is expecting an instant core-raid dps spot over guild members with more time in the guild, then OP needs to provide some amazing WoLs to show that they can play their class better than the majority of the current guild.

    I'm not saying OP wouldn't be put into the raiding roster eventually, but dps focused people rarely get instant core-raid spots in an established guild.
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    Honestly if you dont want a second job which most serious guilds are(most not all). then i wouldn't bother but if you are fixed on doing it be sure to referance past guilds and other players of notable stature on your realm that you know.Someone vouching for you always helps..basically a second job which i had enough of it through out BC and Wrath..
    Signed a decent player

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