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    Quote Originally Posted by Zelol View Post
    T6 BT, Lock tanking on Illidan fight?
    Oh yeah so every warlock in the raid stacked stamina. No? Yeah thought so.

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    Pretty sure back then int was next to useless for locks, but more stam meant more life taps and better survivability.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Howdyho View Post
    Oh yeah so every warlock in the raid stacked stamina. No? Yeah thought so.
    In BT? Locks tended to stack Spirit, actually. Not sure if anybody remembers when Blizz first tried changing lifetap during this time...oh the outrage was worse than seen in the Mideast. =P
    Illidan = FR crafted gear and such, which also had a ton of stamina.
    Vanilla = Stamina stacking cause every other stat sucked too much.
    WotLK = spell power.
    Cata = Int
    Panda = ...
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    I've gotten up to 220k health with the voidwalker bulwark.

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    It's working as intended. Soul Link if active with no demon increases YOUR hp by 10%.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zharradan View Post
    and soulburn + healthstone
    You can no longer soulburn a healthstone, unless I am sorely mistaken, which is also a possibility.

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    Self buffed - 203.6k
    Self Buffed w/ Shadow Bulwark - 276.9k
    Self buffed with Fort - 218.3k
    Self buffed w/ fort/shadow bulwark/Emblem of Tenacity - 336.6k
    Self buffed w/ shadow bulwark/Emblem of Tenacity - 316.6k

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    When doing premade bgs, I run around with ~250k hp when not flagcarrying and ~300k hp when carrying flag with the ability to reach 400k+ health with cooldowns.
    Edit: I happen to have this lovely trinket named soulshifter vortex hc which is pretty amazing in PvP right now.
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    Pfft bunch of noob figures around here. When I actually tried (Gemmed for stamina) fully buffed+bulwark+soul link+rallying cry (Yes they do stack) I got a massive 560k hp

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    Quote Originally Posted by zorkuus View Post
    Sounds like a bug. I don't see how either of those talents should increase your health according to their tooltips.
    The tooltip of Sacrifice updates when you pick up Soul Link, stating it'll grant you 20% more hp.

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    I think with fort, sac, soul link, bulwark and lucky of the draw (random dungeon) buff. I was able to do 374k

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