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    10 man VS 25 man Raiding, which do you prefer?

    So with all the discussion going on right now in regards to 25 man raiding and it's lack of interest i thought maybe we should pose the question of which style of raiding do you prefer? Personally i have always preferred the 10 man version of raiding, not needing as many people is a big plus as recruiting capable people can be like pulling teeth. Having said that back when 25 man loot was better that was all i ran, not because i preferred it but because that is what gave the best loot. 10 man also forced you to have, imo, a better group as one person failing at his task could inherently kill your raid whereas in 25 man you can still drag a few through kind of like in MC or BWL just not to that extreme. So that is my opinion, what is yours?

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    Well I prefer to raid 25man, though its nearly impossible to get a decent team for 25m these days, so weather I like it or not I need to do 10man raids. I dont really feel like Blizzard is supporting bigger number of players going to raid together anymore... sadly :S

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    Quit because 25 man raiding died on my realm with GMs and officers deciding to downsize for easier management for same rewards.

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    I like a small elite group.

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    10 man with really good friends > 25 man > 10 man

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    25 man feels more 'epic' and hence it's my preference. However finding 25 good people (or enough good players to carry the rest) is much harder than finding 10 good players.

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    25 man raiding is pretty much the only thing that keeps me in the game still

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    I'd do 25 man ideally but it's just too much work to get 25 decent players together every week

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aphorism View Post
    10 man with really good friends > 25 man > 10 man
    I agree with this. 10 man with good friends who are also good at the game is much more fun imo.

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    To be fair, I prefer 40men raids.
    Nothing gives an "epic" felling to the game like being part of a huge army, invading a dungeon/fortress to battle against a major lore antagonist, either Demon, Elemental, Drake, etc.

    But that's the only thing I prefer in 40men. Strength in numbers.
    I like how raids are more challenging nowadays than they were in vanilla (exception made to some fights in AQ40, and Naxx40, of course).

    But on topic, I prefer 25men over 10men. Again, I prefer big raids.
    10men raid to me feels like a shoe box. I don't care if 10men raids are more unforgiving and challenging than 25men;
    Call me old fashion, but to me raids are supposed to be BIG.

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    Raiding is a business. A good 25m is king. 10m is good, I don't think it's as worthless as people say, but they have to be outstanding individuals and better be really pro for me to like them.

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    I would prefer to raid 25, but have raided 10 for all of Cata.

    As stated above it's very difficult to find 25 good players, and this is the hardest bit, who aren't already settled and happy where they are.

    If we could magic up another 15 decent players who we get on with and who are all looking for a guild then maybe we would raid 25s.

    As it is most raiding guilds on our realm are fairly established as 10 man raiding guilds. The only way I can see 25 mans happening again there would be by guilds merging. This isn't something that often occurs, and people tend to want to stick with their existing identity as x-guild or y-guild rather than be xy-guild.

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    I like feeling more important and close to my team mates in 10 mans. 25s were cool when I only joined a guild to do progression in BC, but that is no longer the case now. Do I miss them and the epic feel? Sure. But I prefer the homely feeling of 10s and the ease of putting them together compared to 25s. On my realm, it is hard to find good end game talent as it is, sucessful 25 guilds are very rare.

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    25 has better rewards, but it is easier to play the game with 9 other people as opposed to 24.
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    Personally i prefer to play with a close knit 9 players than in a 25 man guild as it feels like its friends who are all skilled in raiding and will continue to raid together despite what happens.

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    Of the 2 offered by the company options i prefer 25.
    But after the last expansion i would like to see them both deleted and start fresh.
    Cataclysm killed the chance for those 2 sizes to exist in harmony ever again.

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    I prefer 10man when leading it, 25man when not leading it.

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    I prefer 25-mans, but I haven't been in a 25-man (outside of ''LFR'') since WotLK. Ever since guild went 10-man at the start of Cata, we've been a 10-man, and staying that for MoP.
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    I liked wotlk 25 and 10m is just lame. You lose so much when you're confined to the 10m scale.
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    I prefer raiding in 10 man groups because I like feeling as if I am a part of a small, tight-knit group.

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