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  • 10 Man

    68 38.42%
  • 25 Man

    106 59.89%
  • LFR

    2 1.13%
  • Don't raid

    1 0.56%
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    Dead horse is beaten.

    Went to 10-mans, got tired of having to carry 5-6 fail players in 25s.

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    Recently switched to 25 man, ive allways wanted to do 25 man. But havent till now had the chance to do it. So im really looking forward to it ;-)

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    Prefer 25 man , sadly i'm not in a guild that can support it.

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    40 man, because I love largescale raiding. I find 10 and even 25 man to be too small. I didn't answer your question, but I do not fancy 10 or 25 man.

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    25 man, but 10 man is what I do cause I am lucky enough to have a great group of people.

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    I prefer 25. I cannot find enough competant like minded individuals on my server-faction side.


    There's something alot more weighty to me about seeing 25 people work seemlessly together than just 10.
    10 people is a group of friends. I can lead a group of friends to do something together in real life easily. 25 people however... There's something very admirable about it and it feels more like an accomplishment to me. Sadly people are tired of the responsibilities leading 25mans gives and with nothing to justify it to them other than '25mans are fun for a smaller percentage of people'.
    So yeah obviously they're dying as raid leaders get more and more run down.

    10 and 25 cannot be equals. There's too many factors. I've said it in every topic pertaining to the merge/split/focusing.
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    I prefer 10-man because it ends up being such a social experience when everyone is talking on ventrilo or similar. I also enjoy 25-mans, but it's a shame that you can't reach the same level of togetherness in them - at least that is my experience.

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    Given a choice, I prefer 25's. I like LFR more than I probably should for just this reason. And the convenience.

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    Prefer 15, Say scrap both already and get rid of this divide in the raiding community. Blizzard has already acknowledged that this would be an ideal raid size for several reasons and would be the best compromise. If I had to chose between the two though, and have aggressively raided in both, It be 10. Why? well less is more IMO, the epic draw of a lot of raiders fighting one raid is great for only the first little bit. Then it just becomes a pain to deal with all the logistical nightmares of it. But I digress...not much Blizzard can truly do fix such a damaged community, having one raid size across the board that both parties can live with would at least help.
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    10 man is not real raiding in my opinion(dont start flaming as i said its my opinion!)

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    10 for me. The reason ... I guess I'll call it "efficiency". Less afks, faster wipe recovery, fewer frame rate - lag issues. Just a better gaming experience for me.

    I correlate "epicness" to the number of wipes. If the boss dies after 100 attempts, it feels pretty epic. If it falls over after 3 pulls ... not so much. The number of people standing beside me doesn't really influence the sensation.

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