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    [TV] Does anyone here watch * documentary or tv spccial *

    I do watch docs about Adolf Hitler and The Nazis came to power and other WW2 docs and some are not
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    I watch LOADS of Documentaries

    most recently (although it's not really a documentary) I've become obsessed with the BBC show 'Who do you think you are' where celebrities look into their families and see what's there. Today I watched Boris Johnsons, is anyone the slighest bit surprised he's related to pretty much every royal family in europe? No.. me either

    I also watched a slightly annoying doctumentary about Miyamoto Musashi the other day... it was okay, but they made some REALLY boneheaded mistakes, like quoting the first line of Hagakure but saying it was the first line of Go Rin No Sho... epic fail.

    Other than that, pretty much any documentary about Samurai, Ancient Rome/Greece or Vikings is a guarenteed watch for me

    oh or ANYTHING Physics/Space related
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    Yep. Netflix has loads of them so I watch most of them there...try to stick to the modern ones, though (past 10 years) a lot of the older ones really are boring and more importantly outdated.

    My favorite documentary I've seen was probably Battle 360 (also on Netflix), which basically followed the Enterprise (US WWII Aircraft Carrier) and it's men through a complete tour of what they did throughout the war, which includes interviews with surviving veterans (always a huge plus for me for these kinds of things) plus recreations of the battles they fought, which are desrcibed thoroughly but keep your attention.

    I'll watch pretty much anything remotely interesting though, I like history in general, and pretty much everything has history to it, so that leads to a lot of opportunities.

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