Hey guys,

I seen Everquest 2 a couple of years ago and did not take much intrest (did not appreciate high quality games at that time as I was new to the gaming world, I was a newb.

Anyway, over the past couple of days I seen some videos of the new features such as (mirror facial expressions from webcam+voice)/housing/etc... all these amazing new features and the effort and passion that the makers put into the game.

anyway I just digged deeper into Everquest 2 and I was blown away. Right now i'm going to whipe my mac osx from my macbook and install windows just to play everquest 2.

I am even going to buy their expansions and all that. this is bloody amazing, I can't belive how I did not notice it before.
I also just left wow and GW2 and look at wow and see how stale it really is, the guys that make wow have no intrest in the players and if you ever watch their interviews they don't give a crap about the players, now of course companies want to make money but with everquest 2 they are extremely focusing on the players/community. blizzard are just milking the cattle out of the field and yet people try to suck on blizzards left tit every time.

Anyway, I would seriously say to you hardcore nerd gamers to check out everquest 2, if you don't like it at first because they don't have a flashy website and all that then just take your time to check out their features. the world itself in everquest 2 and their culture is awesome, go on. trust me, you will love it! https://www.everquest2.com

thanks so much m8!

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check out the videos from here http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...ad-Everquest-2