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    The original Child's Play actually is better than any of the Saw movies though.
    You just proved my point.

    There are always exceptions to all rules, making a post becuase you are one of them doesnt really make a point.
    There's a lot of exceptions to consider that hate against the new generation of RE a rule. The only rule "ruling" here is that people without notions in game design can't see the difference between nostalgia and quality.

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    God damn. Found a little time to play some more of the game and ended up at this one part with Leon and this fucking ambulance came out of nowhere twice and crashed the fuck into me. Was annoying.

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    Am trying to finish the game. Lol they added some new features since I've been gone, you can start on individual parts of the chapters now. And they unlocked Ada's story now from the get-go, not just after having to defeat all 3 campaigns.

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    Hi im looking for people to play resident evil 6 with can be casual if preferred my PSN is hilaryfan drop me and invite if theres anyone willing
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    Go put some pants on.
    Quote Originally Posted by wombinator04 View Post
    If it was free then maybe I would buy it instead of pirating it.

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    Looking for some people to play RE6 during the weekends! private msg me for PSN ID

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