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    In my opinion, Activision Blizzard will always be under scrutiny by people looking to make money. If someone feels they have a legitimate case to win money off of them they'll jump at it; all they need is to find a reason. It's the way some folks (businesses / companies) are these days.

    As far as the whole Pico Vs. Lindsey (Was that her name; hard to understand clearly) Vs. Casey.... I would have to say Casey is better than all three. However on the Curse Weekly Roundup I feel that Pico was better. I hope that this was just a "test" thing and they bring her back. Nothing against the new chick but you don't waste good; bring Pico back.
    Courts often make rulings with statements of how the individual ruling should not be used as a direct precedent for winning future cases, therefore you push the biggest case first in case you can't make everybody pay

    so Pico v Lindsay v Casey... How is Casey "better than all three" when he is among the three? o.O

    her name is Lindsay Ferguson according to credits on screen, but video title and what she says in some videos is "Lindsay Geektron"

    of note: she didn't do a "curse weekly roundup" she did Blizzard weekly news and previously a Minecraft weekly update, so there's no reason they all can't have a job doing different videos
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lumocolor View Post
    It doesnt really matter when someone gets a patent, all that matters is who owns that patent. If someone invents something and is too stupid to patent it then someone else can come along and steal it, that's how america works.
    That's not entirely true, in theory you cannot patent something that someone else has already invented, lawyer types often refer to it as "prior art". Since they filed this patent back in 1995 (at least I thought that's what they said), I imagine Blizzard will counter with the fact that MUDDs (text based MMOs for those too young to have played one) existed long before 1995.

    That being said, the US Patent Office has shown that they have no problem what-so-ever with granting patents for things that already exist. For example Twitter is being sued over a patent that was just filed last December, yet the technology they are being sued over they have used for years.

    All in all, the patent system is so ridiculously broken at this point, its anyone's guess as to what will happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Domiku View Post
    Nope, its the internet you would be a fool to take someone serious. you should never really take someone's opinion serious on or of the net tbh.
    But the Internet is serious business!!

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    Patch 5.1 will release "shortly after the game is out"

    With the first tier of raid content being released after launch I hope they don't count those raid instances as patch 5.1.

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    It will take a raid of roughly 40 players to take down the Sha of Anger. He will appear in different areas of the zone and change what is spawned around him...

    Or can be killed by one hunter that can kite well....

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    Those paladin shoulders.....I laughed so hard. They look ridiculous, does bliz never learn.

    my god, the priest ones too are pretty lol-tastic.

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    I hear a lot of complaints about the shoulders not emitting Shadow energy when casting Shadow spells but I am glad because you can see the glow in Shadowform. Shadow glow + Shadowform would look terrible, unless they made it much brighter and a slighter different hue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mazzic518 View Post
    But the Internet is serious business!!
    It sure is! Without the internet Worlds, Inc. wouldn't have a lawsuit against Blizzard!

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    Cataclysm was more content than had ever been done before because of the 1 to 60 revamp, but many people just looked at the 80 to 85 experience.
    That's because even the people who didn't buy Cataclysm or were playing to level 20 for free got to see the revamp. Those that bought it didn't necessarily give a shit about the older content. Case in point, while I was subbed to the game, I didn't bother leveling an alt from the start at all. It was an alt/new player friendly maneuver and not everybody gave a shit about alts or was a new player.

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    I find that lawsuit hilarious. It's whole premise is that the company trademarked the entire MMO genre.

    It's not going to stand and isn't going to tarnish acti-Blizz what-so-ever.

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    Those shoulders for the challenge mode sets are ridiculously huge......too huge

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    This is insane.

    How can they claim to have a patent on a 3d world and having multiple users online?
    Especially when it comes to wow the engine was custom built by blizzard not using anyone elses code.

    And they think not only will they win the money but the IP's from blizzard. and activision.

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    5.1 will release shortly after launch?



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    Quote Originally Posted by chaud View Post
    Only those of you who don't look at the second half of the video.

    Everyone been asking us to stop using human male for years now anyway! (That and the effects show up better with a larger model. We will continue to use Human Male for regular previews.)
    IMO use pandarens.. since they apply to both factions.
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    I'm surprised that no one has yet commented on the coming RealID/BattleTag "appear offline" feature. Time and again, Blizzard stated such an option was antithetical to the system and simply tell people you wanted to be undisturbed/left alone. I'm very pleased that they have reversed themselves, but I can't help wondering what happened to finally change their mind after years.

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    I hope Blizz destroys World's Inc and sends em to the poorhouse for filing frivolous lawsuits. I hate people who try to scam people or make money off the work of others. If they actually invented something it would be a different story.

    If Blizz loses I will lose faith in humanity and file a patent for breathing.

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    First: Pico > All Love that girlie to death

    Second: Any one have any clarification about Cross Realm Challenge modes? GC says RealID grouping will work, that guy says no? Kinda important... -_-

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    crendor not listed as the interviewer , guess some1 doesnt like him:P

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    "...but realizes that it is a hard to watch eSport and is hard to watch."

    Weird choice of words is weird.

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