View Poll Results: What colour is your REAL hair?

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  • Black

    45 11.51%
  • Medium Brown

    89 22.76%
  • Light Brown

    37 9.46%
  • Dark Brown

    105 26.85%
  • Medium Blond

    32 8.18%
  • Light Blond

    13 3.32%
  • Dark Blond

    45 11.51%
  • Grey/White

    7 1.79%
  • Ginger

    18 4.60%
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    Light brown with golden highlights. I was blonde as a child so my hair still has a golden tint.

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    Black hair here! Sometimes it lightens up a bit, to become dark brown, when it gets too much sun/salty water.

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    dark blonde or something along those lines.

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    In the woods.
    When I grew up it was light blonde, now it has gone brownish.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Domiku View Post
    lol at least u take it well gingers are welcome here!
    Meh, never been bullied because of my red hair all that much when I was a kid, and my girlfriend really likes it, so it's all good
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    Dark brown but when it is tall enough you can see abit of ginger in it aswell... my beard / moustache is fully ginger.

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    My hair colour is #2e2b28

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    I selected dark brown. But's somewhere between that and black, especially if it's wet or has any product in it.

    Though a few stray grays are starting to show up. Fuck you 30s!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jvbastel View Post
    the only ginger here as of yet

    Don't have freckles,but fairly light skin though.

    Guess that makes me a daywalker.
    I'm ginger mixed with blond, not sure what the name for it is in English so I just picked darkblond. lol :P

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    Medium brown/dark brown my roots are light brown though. I had ginger hair apparently as a baby then as I got older it went blonde and now it's brown.

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    Strawberry blonde I guess, in natural light and when my hair is short. Darker shade of red when my hair is longer/weird light.

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    Back when I had hair it was very dark brown, almost black.

    There should be an option in the poll for bald.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Proxeneta View Post
    Strawberry blonde I guess, in natural light and when my hair is short. Darker shade of red when my hair is longer/weird light.
    I know a lass who is absolutely disgusted by the term strawberry blonde, she says "i'm a bloody ginger, i ain't no halfbreed frickin blonde", it's very amusing when she gets into one of her rants.

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    Raven black. At least when I had my hairs. I'm near bold on the top, so now military hair cut (razor at 5mm).
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    Light brown!
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    Medium blond I'd say. Gets darker in the winter.

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    Dark brown, used to be blonde. Beard's brown, blonde, and red though.

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    Very light blonde, almost white. My barber said its one of the rarest colors to have naturally only 0.03% of the world population has it naturally
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    Dark blonde or brown- ish

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