View Poll Results: What colour is your REAL hair?

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  • Black

    45 11.51%
  • Medium Brown

    89 22.76%
  • Light Brown

    37 9.46%
  • Dark Brown

    105 26.85%
  • Medium Blond

    32 8.18%
  • Light Blond

    13 3.32%
  • Dark Blond

    45 11.51%
  • Grey/White

    7 1.79%
  • Ginger

    18 4.60%
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    Appears to be sort of medium brown with a very slight blond and reddish undertone to it. Used to have the lightest shade of blond when I was younger though, platinum blond. I do miss that hair color.
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    Medium -> dark brown.

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    Darker or reddish blonde. I hated that color and started dying it blonde or platinum blonde when I was 13.
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    Dark Brown

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    Um, my hair color matches my eye color in both color and behavior under different lights. In natural daylight in the yellow~ish spectrum both are brown, but add some CFL-light or blue~ish light outside and both my hair & my eyes take on a green color (although my hair only gets a hint of green, my eyes get pretty solid dark-green).
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    Dark brown, almost black, some people can't really tell the difference...

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    getting quite hefty amounts a white hair coming through on what was dark brown/ i'm fairly grey now and i'm only 32

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    Quote Originally Posted by rethea View Post
    Funny how brown is by far the most answered choice and it's probably one of the most coveted hair colors... Maybe that's just me? I've known so many people who prefer brown hair on themselves and their partners.
    I've spent the last 14 years dying my hair away from brown, hehe. Normally to dark reddish or purple-ish hues.
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    Im starting to turn grey at 28 aswell

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    creeper. And i got you guys beat...ive had grey hairs since i was 17, im 24 now and still mostly brown but if the sun hits me just right you can see a forest of silver hairs

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    Dark brown ... I am starting to get grey though. Luckily the amount of hair hasn't diminished

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    Quote Originally Posted by muto View Post
    Brown haired people represent!
    Preach it bro!!
    Jesus you could insulate a house with the consolidated stupid in this thread.
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    I have brown hair. Just like almost anyone else.

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    I'm a grade A USDA certified ginger...

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    My normal hair color... Some kind of Light Brown?

    But in my heart I will always be a red-head...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aeriel View Post
    I'm a grade A USDA certified ginger...
    Soul included?

    Don't ban me

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    Dark brown hair and ginger Facial hair. Have no idea why lol.

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    Mid-brown with a peppering of grey around the temples. Also shot through with grey around my chin if I grow a beard. It's also the colour you'd see if you met - no re-colouring here.

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    I have medium brown hair. Guess I am glad I didn't get stuck having black hair like my father.

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