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    how many of the new bosses in mop are solotanked?

    hi guys,

    like title asks

    how many of the new raidbosses can be solotanked?
    somebody got information about that?


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    Mogu'shan Vaults -->
    1. Stone guard (2 tanks)
    2. Feng the Accursed (2 tanks)
    3. Spiritbinder (2 tanks)
    4. Spirit kings (1 tank)
    5. Elegon (2 tanks)
    6. Will of the Emporer (2 tanks)

    Heart of Fear
    1. Imperial dude - not sure
    2. Blade lord dude - 2 tanks
    3. Garalwhatever - 1 Tank ( i think)
    4. Wind Lord Dude - 2 tanks (at least at first)
    5. Amber Shaper - 2 tanks
    6. Last dude - not sure

    1. Iron Council 2.0 - 2 tanks
    2. Tsulong - 2 tanks
    3. Lei Shei - 2 Tanks
    4. Sha of Fear - 2 tanks

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    zor'lok will be 1 tank in normal, 2 tanks in heroic afaik.
    garalon, shek'zeer will also be 2 tanks fight.

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    okay thank you for your help... looks like i got rick rolled by my guild "yeah we need a damagedealer with 2nd tank"
    and i started saying "how many bosses need 2 tanks?" guild:"ah not many.." Me: "okay i will do so we dont have to search for a new guy..."

    damn now im the 2nd tank and i dont know if i like that or not... i dont have a problem with beeing tank but i enjoy beeing a dd very much .. : /
    i will think about that again -.-

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    Garalon has that passing the pheremones thing that you could probably cheese with a tank and a dps, but when you're learning the fight you'll definitely want 2 tanks. When you're farming content and your healers are really well geared you'll probably be able to drop to a single tank on Stone Guard and let two explosions go off at once, but that'll be a while down the road.

    Not to say that you won't want to develop a dps offspec on your tank anyhow - you never know when you might have someone drop out and the best possible substitute that night is someone's alt tank, or something like that. It adds to the raid leader's choices, which is always a good thing.

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    yeah this is why is said "i will do that".
    everything for our raid team.. it just sucks when 8-9 people cant play cause of one person missing.

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    If you're looking for a 25man normal perspective: (zaneosak I'm just taking your list and changing the amounts, thanks btw)

    1. Stone guard (3-4 tanks depending on tactic)
    2. Feng the Accursed (2 tanks)
    3. Spiritbinder (2 tanks)
    4. Spirit kings (1 tank)
    5. Elegon (2 tanks)
    6. Will of the Emperor (2 tanks)

    Heart of Fear
    1. Imperial Zor'lok - 1 tank
    2. Blade lord - 2 tanks
    3. Garalon - 2 Tanks
    4. Wind Lord - 2-3 tanks (depending on tactic)
    5. Amber Shaper - 2-3 tanks (depending on tactic)
    6. Empress Shek'zeer - 2 Tanks

    1. Protectors - 2 tanks
    2. Tsulong - 2 tanks
    3. Lei Shei - 2-3 Tanks (depending on tactic)
    4. Sha of Fear - 2 tanks
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    as long as 10man wont suffer for 3+ tanks (yes im looking at you halfus pre nerf and chimeron H) then im fine but looks like thats not a problem...(so far)
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