Thread: An Apology

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    An Apology

    I want to say that I feel sorry for my latest thread about dps rankings. I can understand the way I presented it wasn't appropriate. Despite not intending to stir any drama up, the thread just turned into a flame fest wherein people started to blame each other and act like children. I should improve a willingness on to provide more constructive criticism and make better research while creating such threads. Having said that, I'd like you guys to know that I'm just a fan who wants the best for this game.
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    Pretty sad when being deathgripped is my most reliable gap closer! THAT is some BS too.

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    When we spend so much time on playing a class we all tend to get protective over it along with its spec. We then focus on the negatives that have been known hurdles for us in the past.

    Posting an apology thread takes more effort than people think. Much kudos.
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    I do agree, Major props on the apology.
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    I forgive you.

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    Like most that have played this game for any length of time, we tend to have a passion for our class, and every now and then it may get the better of us, it happens

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    please dont take the game so seriously. im sure we'll get over it.

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    Mighty decent of you to apologise. Kudos on that, and don't worry about the numbers just yet, we all know this is a game of ups and downs. Lets focus on the new content, zones, quests etc to explore and leave number balancing for end game pvp/pve, i am sure if things are really bad, blizzard can always throw in a hot fix.

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    Wut happened?
    I'm sure everyone forgives you brotato - not like you commit murder or anything

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