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    Then it wouldn't be void ray so your suggestion makes no sense. Sure they could make the beam longer and thicker(lol?) and that would help, but its fine as is.

    Its a 30yrd(or 20? i forget) forward cone its pretty easy to know what you are hitting esp with scrolling combat text addons instead of using blizzard terrible dmg over mobs heads.
    NO, it is not. That is all. When I do condescend to use this ability over the vastly supirior everything else in existance, I don't even see it through the mobs.... at all... it's crap.

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    I agree that Void Ray is too small; and while we're on the subject I'd like to bring up the issue of super small Shadowbolts from Glyph of Shadowbolt. I know this sounds like a broken record at this point but COMAANNN my CoC procs are bigger than these puny spit balls.

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