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    Request for Priest Challenge Mode Set


    I posted on the official forums a thread about this as well, looking for more feedback on it.

    Video for priest Challenge Mode preview:

    I really enjoyed the way the set looks, I just have 1(or 2) requests about the shadow part of it.

    1: Is it possible to make the bright of the orbs be purple, instead of white-ish, while in shadow form? Right now it is looking really weird in shadowform with the current glow.

    2: Since the set have three orbs, is it possible to make shadow orbs interact with it in some sort? Like, having the number of active orbs make the orbs on the set shine brighter or something.

    Looking forward for feedback!

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    That was one thing that really bothered me when checking out the preview, orbs should be shadow when in shadowform.
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    Would love a different animation when in shadow form. Preferrably, one that would still be visible in shadowform without being all holyglow-ish. But that's not likely to happen (they aren't making druid animations visible in different forms, are they?).
    That said, I generally dislike priest challenge mode set. It's fine on its own, but it's really bleak compared to others so far previewed. Paladin set is spectacular, druid set animation is awesome. Might be the case of 'grass is greener on the other side' but so far I only find priest and hunter sets to be 'meh'.

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