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    PvP Shadow Trinkets - CoC Hc or IoCM Hc?

    As the title already says:

    My question is if whether i should equip Cunning of the Cruel heroic or Insignia of the Coruppted Mind heroic, since i'm not sure about that.

    I made some 1on1 "researches" by myself already. Against melees i'd prefer CoC, depending on the PvP skills of the Melee tho. If the Melee is not deceived by my fakes CoC is clearly better since the haste proc is mostly senseless... Against ranges like other Shadows or Warlocks the haste proc of IoCM is pretty cool.

    However, in Battlegrounds i made the Experience that the Haste proc of the Insignia is pretty good during big zergs or general fights against heals (I do own Dragonwrath too, so the haste proc is awesome IMO since the Dots tick like hell)...

    So what is your Opinion? CoC HC or IoCM HC? And in which situations would you use them?

    Thanks in advance!
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    CotC, it still does about 8% of my overall pvp dmg.

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