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    BG queued with loads of different realms suddenly?

    Bit bored so I just queued for a BG.

    Usually I get certain realms, from the old misery battlegroup of servers, but this AB suddenly had russian realms, and loads of hardcore PVP realms in there, it was about 500x harder than any other BG i've ever been in, and way less fun. I guess because usually I got in with similar less hardcore (and non pvp realms) it was more my level, but this was ridiculous.

    It didn't happen before tonight, suddenly just now, queued and got in with random servers like trollbane and weird russian ones.

    Anyone else seen this lately?

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    Maybe they have just been rolling this out slowly to realms or something. It's been like this for months and months on my server.

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    Yeah I started seeing people from servers I never saw before last night after my server was added to the CRZ pool. Possible side effect of CRZ maybe?

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    Battlegroups no longer exist it's everyone together now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rzzr View Post
    Battlegroups no longer exist it's everyone together now.
    Battlegroups still exist. You are still queued into your own battlegroup for all arena games, and also BGs during peak times.

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    BGs usually pull from your battlegroup but if they can't fill it, it pulls from other battlegroups. I consistently get other battlegroups in my games.

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    I actually prefer it this way, Random BG's should just pool all the servers together, not just the battlegroup. It would make for a much more diverse player grouping, instead I constantly see BG's with like 4 hunters or 4 DK's or some crap..

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    I faced some Horde team that had people from both english and russian realms. They played so well and moved as groups that I quess it was premade using battletag/real ID to get into same queue.

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