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    [Anime] Is One Piece overrated?

    This particular series has always been special way. Unlike Naruto or Bleach, One Piece always has a very endearing and romantic story for whatever arc it is on, without ever getting too dead on with it's theme. While that is nice, the question is if it's maybe a little too overrated? Here is a brief summary of what I think makes OP good and bad.

    The Good
    - Every individual character in the Straw Hat Pirates (except Brook), is incredibly compelling and are amazingly written.
    - A endearing plot
    - Quality rarely loses

    The Bad
    - Part 2 has some glaring flaws
    - Brook

    So what do you guys think of OP?

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    I'm not sure. I'd like to give it a go in Japanese but don't care enough to go buy it. The animation is hideous in my opinion and a few of the characters are silly looking, but I understand it has a huge following. If it was on Netflix I'd try watching it again, but it's not. I happen to like fighter anime where the "bosses" always have cool special abilities, I just wasn't ever able to look past the animation and terrible English voice acting.

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    I would say it is overrated in some sense. A lot of characters are extremely powerful for no apparent reason is one of the biggest things that would drive people away, along with animation issues. I don't think the voices are that bad, but I don't watch the English Dub of it, so not too sure what to say about that.

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    Don't watch it. Only read the manga. Still think it's completely perfect.
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    I though yes but after seeing everything after ussop vs luffy like the CP9 I think it deserves it's popularity also the manga is great when I think of Naruto or bleach I can think of a lot of bad episodes but when I think of one piece I can't, even if nothing happens One Piece keeps me entertained.
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    Quote Originally Posted by diox990 View Post
    even if nothing happens One Piece keeps me entertained.

    So, this is basically a "yes".

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    The animation is terrible, I have no idea how anyone even watched it long enough to figure out what the characters names are.

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    I watched all the dubbed episodes when they were airing way back when, didn't think anything was too special, then the dub ended and I didn't go to see more episodes myself for a few years.

    I pretty much didn't go back until I saw a sick AMV for the CP9 arc, so I went back, skipping probably 50-100 episodes in the process. Arc was pretty good, tbh.

    Continued watching into what I imagine was a filler arc and then the Thriller Bark/Brooks/Moira arc, not bad. Still not interested in watching more though, my backlog is already too huge.

    Now I've resolved to not go back until they get another new official crew mate or something really good happens from what I can tell from the quick wikipedia summaries.

    Frankly I think I like the setting more than the other big two, but the plot felt like it takes awhile to move.

    Also, am I the only one that likes Brook?
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    Nope, the best anime I have ever watched. It's kept my interest up to its current point, which is something no other anime has been able to do (especially considering its length).. And it's hardly ever boring, there's always something/someone fun in each episode. The characters are really well developed; while I do of course have my favourites (gogo Zoro), it's the first anime I've seen that made me like all the "main" characters despite having quite a number of them. There were so many points of the show that I just HAD to keep watching one more, then one more, then one more...

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Ethos- View Post
    So, this is basically a "yes".
    nah, it's a no. Every single anime/manga/series has those moments were nothing happens like after/before something great and most of the time those moments are just boring, but in one piece I don't seem to get bored.
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    Having just gotten into the show this summer (I was debating between One Piece and Naruto) and watched the first 200-something episodes, I love it. I nearly cried during Nami's story in the Arlong Arc. The Baroque Works Saga was arguably the best bit of anime I have seen since Code Geass. Every member of the Straw Hats is active and the shit that Luffy does to keep them together is scary sometimes. There's a sense of humanity to each of them (except Zoro, who can pick up buildings apparently...) that just makes them awesome, but not invincible.

    I watch it dubbed because I don't care for certain actors (*cough* Luffy *cough*) in the original Japanese version. Haters gonna hate :P.
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    I'll post again when I have more time, but for short, no, I don't think it's overrated.

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    Skelington watched some of it and, while he is a big fan of pirates, One Piece wasn't at all engaging. It felt like it took long for anything to happen and the story didn't seem to progress in the slightest, and the characters weren't very gripping.
    Definitely not as much as Naruto, Bleach, and DBZ, but it's still pretty overrated.

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    One Piece is great, but the anime has been quite sluggish lately. It's increasingly irritating the way that they blatantly stall with crowd reactions and minor characters nobody cares about. It's too close to the manga to go at full speed, so instead of making a filler arc they have opted to ruin the story arc, which is a decision I disagree with.

    Also, there's nothing wrong with Brook. I don't understand the hate he receives. Nami and Sanji the most annoying characters in the show, but they get a huge fanboy/girl following. It makes no sense to me.
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    I can honestly say. I've never seen one episode of the One Piece anime.
    The anime just looks tacky while the art style in Manga is fitting. It works in stillframes very well.

    And it's by far my second fav manga when it comes to the big, epic, never ending series.
    It has progress, it's got a clear cut goal.
    It has chracters that are welldesigned and don't randomly change.
    And so far there are amazingly few plotholes for how long it's been and the type of show it is.

    So no. I wouldn't say it's overrated. In many cases I'd say it's underrated bcause people watch two-ten episodes of that crappily made anime and go "nah".
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    Honestly it's an eye of the beholder thing. For me though bad luck has kinda made it hard for me to pick up(lost the drive i had JUST finished downlaoding it to) but yeah at least going by the old dub on TV and some of the manga it is indeed quite a fun show.

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    As i dont even heard of it, probabaly not.

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    The one piece anime has always been kinda slow, but the waiting makes some off the events even more awesome. However, i gave up on watching and started reading the manga. The manga is much better in art, pace and humor. I can recommend everyone that doesn't dislike manga in general to start reading.

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    Nope. It isn't even that populair. Ask a non anime fan and he most likely doesn't know it. Pokemon were it is now is overrated. But one piece no. Also brook is fun but his new outfit is not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2chicken2die View Post
    Nope. It isn't even that populair. Ask a non anime fan and he most likely doesn't know it. Pokemon were it is now is overrated. But one piece no. Also brook is fun but his new outfit is not.
    Perhaps in America, but in Japan it routinely outsells every other manga. Seriously, I think last year or the year before, it sold more than numbers 2-10 on the top ten list combined.

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