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    Resto Shaman Race

    Hey Guys!

    What do you think is the best Race for the Restoratian Shaman in WoD?

    I think if we got some Gear it'll be Tauren but i don't think it's Tauren right now.


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    I'll be sticking with Draenei for now for the base Int and gift. Perhaps if crit becomes major again, I'll go dwarf.

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    Same here. Draenei seems to be the best Ally choice, atleast early on in the xpac when stat weights favor SP a bit more. Basically 65 INT & Gift versus 100 secondary stat of your choice for panda (105 if mastery). If we ever stack crit like late MoP, dwarf might be a possibility. With the new WoD racials, this is the first time I've ever wished we could be gnomes. Seems fun, and haste + mana is solid.

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