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    <Pony Vendor> Recruiting for 25M Hardmodes

    <Pony Vendor> is a progression PvE/PvP guild on US-Frostmourne Alliance. Lead by a former Oceanic #1 raider and Gladiator we look to clear available pre-nerf hardmode content in Mists of Pandaria and take out numerous Gladiator titles despite our modest raid scheduale: 8pm-12am AEST Thursday/Sunday/Monday.

    Currently we are 4/6, not yet 6/6 as we began later than most other guilds. We are clearing 10M in order to find our core raiders and get people used to the content, and after University has finished for the semester 25M's will begin.

    At the moment we are recruiting everyone in order to fill up the 25M, but in particular we need warlocks, druids and mages, as well as 1 rogue. What we look for in raiders is experience, gear and knowledge of class, but most of all dedication to the raid with priorities on bringing their best to the raid and its members. If interested, please apply on www.ponyvendor.guildlaunch.com.


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