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    That shaman shoulders... Rofl!

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    Any special reason why reducing the damage of almost all the warriors main abilities? In PvP they were doing just above average and in PvE they were just right.. (not top, but close and good scaling with gear). And now you ruin us!? What have we done to deserve this.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by XEDarkRunner View Post
    Any special reason why reducing the damage of almost all the warriors main abilities? In PvP they were doing just above average and in PvE they were just right.. (not top, but close and good scaling with gear). And now you ruin us!? What have we done to deserve this.....
    Not sure. But my thought while i read it is that warriors with the new weapons, armor, etc coming in mop scale a bit much compared to others. Maybe you dont see it right now, however.

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    ''There is a little bit of Titan vs. Old God lore in Mists, but it is way way way under the surface.''

    I think this could be a a double meaning phrase.He probaly means that we wont see much Old God lore,but it could be a literal interpretation and we are going to face an Old God way below the surface of Pandaria

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    At least Blizzard finally realizes that Cata 5 mans were ridiculous at start. Combined with the big healer mana nerf it drove off so many players in our guild and other guilds we had to scramble to even field a single ten man for a long time. Eventually stealing a few from other guilds that imploded.

    As for invisible mode, about damn time. During D3 beta I was "friended" by a few people who now always see my online status regardless of personal choice. Blizzard blew it big time with their battlenet privacy setup. Worse, they were just plain arrogant in not admitting to the fact that it was being exploited by stalkers and the like. We had more than one person in our guild quit WOW over harassment because they could be tracked this way.

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    Was waiting for that moment, the nerfbat was yet again swung with ferocity against warriors. Ruined arms, made fury boring and just to top it off hit the nerfpinata so hard that the dps went went to the ground. GJ dev team, GJ....

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    It´s amazing how they manage to make really such great looking procs and at the same time make all of the challenge armor sets look unbelievably ugly. Too bad you can´t just transmog the proc alone to other armors because i would be embarrassed to run around in those.

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    That warrior nerf. Why thank you blizzard!

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    it was kinda expected a nerf to warriors dunno why your so suprised

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    looks like blizz put more into rogues challenge set and proc than the class itself before mop

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    rogue set has FUCKING AWESOME EFFECTS. the dragon is nice, but that smoke in combat is fucking great. i consider rolling my rogue for mop just for that.

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    Is it just me or does anyone else feel that when Blizzard doesn't know what visual effect to use they always default to fire? And lots of it. The rogue smoke proc is actually really cool but do we need a fire breathing lizard too? It will go nicely with my burning shoulder pads and head laser on my hunter.... As other have said before - "Thank you for transmogs"

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    Great Rogue effects... LOVE that it shows the fire every time that we do a battle roar... oh wait?

    The smoke saves it though, that's pretty cool, I like it! but if you're using your cooldowns and get a lot of mutilates close together you're probably going to choke and blind half your raid with all of the smoke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormykitten View Post
    While I like the shaman set a little bit, I sure am going to be looking for a skirt - that looks way too unbalancing with slim pants. :P

    Also regarding story in scenarios - do all scripted story have to be intrusive? For example, what if during the initial harbour sweep, you'd have things continously running while you fight the lesser enemies - they are easy enough to not distract you overmuch, and repeated visits surely would have you see the things going on in the background. So instead of making segments, weave them together.
    I have plenty of skirts at my disposal...i mean...wait that didnt sound right

    As for the warrior and mage nerfs it was well deserved you knew you were overpowered

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    shaman proc =

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    About the gear. How come you (blizzard) are able to create nice looking sets with nice looking procs for some classes, and then ugly as hell sets with ugly as hell procs for other classes? F.i if I was a shaman, I would rage at what you have come up with, that is the most ridicoulus set I've seen in a while, and the procs are lame as hell. Rogues on the other hand gets a very nice looking set, and two awesome looking procs. I play hunter however, and imo what we get is somewhere right in the middle. The set looks okay, and the proc isn't to bad. But why only one proc for us, and two for some others? Sometimes I just can't help thinking you favourize some classes, even if you deny it all day long.

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    I'm showing how i started mage as fire for the first time in Ruthless gear, and how quick i learned how easy it is so inflic alot of damage to your opponents (i:e how to get a 100% proc on insta Pyroblast)
    Sorry, but I have to respond with this — On a non-moving target that is always in line-of-sight and does not put any pressure back onto you meaning you can go 100% offensive.
    The most retarded blue answer Ive ever seen. Really pathetic.

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    "LFR justifies the creation of more raid content when millions of players are able to see content. Only a few thousand people actually saw Kel'thuzad, but millions saw Deathwing"
    Love this poor attitude from Blizzard.

    Only thousands saw original KT? No duh, Naxx40 was only out for a bit until BC came along, which invalidated it.

    Millions saw Deathwing? Good thing no one was impressed by it.

    Only spend your resources to do dungeons that are super accessible, and still fail. Great.

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    god that shaman challenge set look stupid, seriously...

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    sadly many won't even get the set, but drool over it.

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