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    Angry Silence removing all Demonic Fury?

    Is this the proper design? As demo i can have boatloads of demonic fury built up just to have a silence land and make me worthless for what seem forever? I have had cases of a silence keeping all demonic fury buildup from occuring for more than 30 seconds after the fight ended.

    I understand the silence preventing me from casting anything for say 10 secs, but removing pretty much all casting abilities for 30 secs seems broken.

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    If this is indeed a problme we need more then just "This one time in this BG..." We need to know who you were fighting, and what silence they used against you. That's the only way to reproduce it and maybe see if there is a real problem. Right now, I can only class this as a probable mistake on your part and just a warped sense of time.

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    I will do more research and look at my logs more, but this seems to be a repeated issue in BG's. I'll post back with my findings.

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    you are unable to lose fury while in combat.

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    what is this I don't even.

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    I'd be more concerned about as if affliction or destro get interrupted than they get reduced to maybe one spell. That's a big weakness of locks in pvp is how much cast time they have and what little spell school variety they have.

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    I believe this discussion is pointless tbh, if you get silenced then you are in combat, there are no silence effects that last long enough for you to go out of combat while remaining silenced and causes you to lose D. Fury, also if you have a pet on the target you can never get out of combat, fury simply does not drain as long as you are in combat.
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    sounds to me like you switch between DA and demon form during that silence.

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