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    A new use for Dark Apotheosis in PvP.

    While this may be a bit of a bug or intended I am not quite sure which, BUT while in Dark Apotheosis (Glyph of Demon Hunting) Our fear turns into 'Sleep' with a sleep restriction of 1 target sleeped (slept?) per warlock much like fear. That being said, if I sleep something and swap out I can also fear something as well so in theory I could CC two targets for at least 15 seconds easily (10 seconds in PvP not taking DR or trinkets into consideration) A bit of a set back I have noticed is that if you take blood fear, for the instant cast fear, then even 'Sleep' becomes Blood Fear which is a little bit of a bummer but I can deal with having to cast sleep if it means that we now have 2 types of CC. I am curious if anyone else has noticed this and what their take on it is?

    tldr; DA turns Fear to Sleep, You can Fear a target and Sleep another target at the same time, if you spec for Blood Fear, then BF overrides Sleep and you cannot use Sleep
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    this would only work if you can actually go back to caster form, since the overall discussions were that once you go DA it's mainly cause you're being beaten to a pulp, and you've got no room to swap back to paper form ( caster form ) in the first place.

    though fear and sleep share the same DR I believe ?

    Furthermore, there's a cd on DA, you might have to consider well when you want to go out of it unless you get gibbed before the cd is back up.

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    Well I was thinking more along the lines of multiple targets CCed, even if its just to get them to blow their trinkets
    For Example in an enemy 3s, Youve got players A B and C, if you Fear A and Sleep B then either they will wait out the 10 second duration each or they will pop out of it, given Sleep does share Fear's DR but I am talking Multi-CC vs Chain CC on one target


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    could work, but you need a lot fury in DA, casting sleep might not be the first thing you want to do, since you might want to use other things, and vice versa if you use sleep straight away (at 200 fury ) you won't have enough fury left to cast something like ward.

    so you need to invest some time into building some fury so that you may cast most of your spells without having to consider how much fury you still need, unless you meant you only want to go into DA -> cast sleep -> pop out of DA and cast fear then continue in caster form, then I guess it could work, if you could survive

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    Quote Originally Posted by wholol View Post
    unless you meant you only want to go into DA -> cast sleep -> pop out of DA and cast fear then continue in caster form, then I guess it could work, if you could survive
    Yeah thats what I meant, it wont be a very useful 'oh shit' mechanic, but a tricky one never the less to get trinkets popped earlier in need be


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    worst case szenario
    you get attacked .. oh damn wing form is away since i used my bloodelf item (that ball thing that turns you in b811 .. sexynojutsu style ..) so you pop da - 100 fury left
    i kinda doubht that you use sleep as fist thing.

    but i had the same thing last week in the battleground.. jump around tttttt .. wait why isn't he running around ... T ... (t = fear) .. ey where is that druid that sleeps him .. wait you can't sleep humans ... after i got killed by him and his funny roq that apeard at 10% health (i almost had him -.-) i checked in my book and ah fear gets to sleep

    sleep also realy easy breaks from more or less everything .. so doom and corr can't be active

    it sounds like a cool thing but most of the time you hurt yourself more then with schield + demonic leap + gul'dan + shadowfury to get away

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