[Raiders of the Lost Ark] - a social Lvl 25 Guild that likes Raiding. Members enjoy Guild Perks, 5-man randoms, Raids (MoP, DS 8/8 & Old School), enchants & gems. Looking for mature new members of all lvls that enjoy hanging out with a good group of ppl.

We have a Raid Team for MoP currently, but are seeking to form a 2nd team. We have 2 alternates for Team 1 and they will get shifted to Team 2 as soon as we have the right balance for it.

We raid twice a week and do a Guild Pug raid on the weekend (for those that can't make it on a regular basis).

We are NOT Hard Core but we ARE progressive. We'll help you with your spec, gems, enchants and crafting of gear. All we ask in return is you show up on time and be ready to raid. We drop Flasks and Food buffs each raid and raiders get 200g in Guild Repairs on raid night.

Add me to your RealID list ([email protected]) with the note: Guild Recruit. Any member can invite. We have 300 members and are growing all the time. We often have 15-30 members on at any given time. We're a great group of people, seeking MATURE members. This is NOT kindergarten. We're mature but fun. If you think 50 fart jokes is "where it's at", please don't apply. I've always considered the guild to be a safe haven in a really bad world. Come in, sit back, relax, talk to some people, find some guildies to do a run with. Have fun. This is a game, after all...