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    What exactly is 'World PvP'?
    World PvP in WoW is ganking anyone who is at least 10 levels lower than you or more, while decked in full PvP gear yourself and while you are in party with a stealthed Rogue and a stealthed Resto Druid, so that you can gank their main as well when they bring it.
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    Yes, world pvp is one sided ganking a lot of the time, and it is hardly ever balanced in terms of numbers but it seems many people just dont get why its such awsome fun.

    Everyone is tired of instanced BGs and arena and it feels like playing counter strike not a mmorpg, what world pvp does is give you the sense of a dangerous war torn world, you would never know when you could run into a group of lvl 60s while traversing the jungles of stranglethorn or the dunes of Tanaris.

    I am especially fond of my STV memories, sneaking through the jungle to avoid ganking, sure getting corpse camped is annoying but it also makes the game more exciting and provides an additional challenge of leveling despite gankers.

    Im very glad world PvP is back, people who dont wont it are free to migrate to PvE realms, possibly blizzard can make it free for them.

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    aw man, world PvP... that has been ages since it was any good. We used to have epic fights in Ashenvale, Barrens or uhmm whats that place called near UC.. Epic times

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    World PvP: Any aggressive interaction between two or more players whom are on different factions, in any world zone not considered a Battleground or Arena.
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    Wintergrasp was once world pvp, that was fun.
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    Honestly world pvp sucks now.

    Whenever im on my alt everyone jumps on me, when i come back on my main for revenge they are up in the sky avoiding combat.

    I seriously hate pvp now..

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    Quote Originally Posted by meekus View Post
    World PvP was when one player ganked another player of the opposite faction, who was most likely farming on one of the WPL farms or in Tyr's Hand.

    Years later people started thinking that world PvP used to be something glorious, wonderful and epic. But it really wasn't for the most part.

    But I do have to admit that STV and Hillsbrad used to be quite awesome.
    What game did you play? World pvp for me in vanilla was when I was out in WPL/EPL Looking for fair fights and ending up fighting them.
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    World PvP was when you killed a random dude out in the world.

    What we remember is the awesome that happened when he starts hunting you and everything escalates into a guild vs guild or horde vs alliance fight.
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    World PVP is a really free form thing, but how I remember it back in vanilla was kind of like this from my personal experience:

    50% of it - Just random, "Hey look that guy's name is red. I am going to go beat him up or get beaten up"
    20% of it - Small groups of people roaming around picking fights with the hopes of just ganking or finding another group to fight against them.
    20% of it - Large ass zone wide fights will full raids with the objective really just being to slaughter each other for faction pride
    10% of it - True to live planned events. Like a big alliance push on crossroads announce on the forums for example and people just rolled over their to beat it down.

    Now within each % you have about 50% that are doing it just to troll. They will corpse camp you or follow you around just to be dicks or other things of that nature. Then another 50% you have people that just get their trill and then move along. Of course at times being on the wrong end of the stick can be frustrating but at the same time being on the other side of the stick can be pretty fun and as long as you balance it out and keep your cool you usually didn't have anything to worry about.

    The big thing about it is that it made the world a whole lot more alive and active no matter what people were out doing it for. It is nice that when you are out in the world you see other people doing more then just flying in circles for herbs and ore nodes.

    Again all pretty much my experiences and opinion. But all in all it was a much funner world.

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    People read the the phrase "world PVP" too literally.

    What it was initially used for is when large sporadic battles would emerge in various places in the world. After that people started applying it to any kind of non-instanced PVP as well as ganking to try to justify it.

    From there on the lines between PVP and griefing became blurred and the two become one and the same and the phrase encompassed all.

    So in the 'old' sense of the phrase world PVP doesn't happen any more. What we have nowadays is either just random fights or outright griefing; the latter being far more common.
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    When me and my buddies were leveling in Rift, there were 4 mates from the other faction doing the same thing/same time. We almost pvp'd our entire leveling process. It was so fun, always being on the watch to see where they might be coming from, always dangerous. They brought more friends time to time, and so did we.

    That is world pvp. Where being from the other faction has a meaning, where you are equal power and where you are constantly in a race to get better. I don't know how that could be simulated in wow, since it was a total coincidence in Rift as well.

    God, it was so fun...

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    Ganking people who have no chance of fighting back.

    Edit: Then getting on your flying mount so they can't come back on their main to kill you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meekus View Post
    World PvP was when one player ganked another player of the opposite faction, who was most likely farming on one of the WPL farms or in Tyr's Hand.
    That was part of what World PvP was but not all of it. World PvP is simply PvP that happens out in the world, outside of BG's and Arenas. Sometimes it's something as simple as ganking a lowbie but often times it was much more than that. Killing members of the opposite factions raid team while waiting for your own guilds raid to start was great fun(some nights we got so involved with the killing we didn't bother with the actual raid).

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    World pvp to me is getting on my rogue to humiliate terrible max level players who one-shot my leveling characters.

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    world pvp is killing people in your world.

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    My most common recent world pvp experience is when I am leveling an alt and kill someone around my level, they get on their main or cry to their max level guildies to come out and camp me. Many People cry for fair world pvp but when they get it they just cry more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freia View Post
    My most common recent world pvp experience is when I am leveling an alt and kill someone around my level, they get on their main or cry to their max level guildies to come out and camp me. Many People cry for fair world pvp but when they get it they just cry more.
    This 100 times over. People never want fair PvP they want to win. Few select times can i remember PvPing in the open world and find someone who just keeps comming back after i kill them over and over trying to improve. At best they call in a few friends so the odds are in their favor and worst case I have had people make a toon of my faction and try to trash talk me.

    Long and short of it comes down to the fact that if you rolled on a PvP server you are subject, unless your in your starter area and not flagged or in a sactuary, to being killed by the opposite faction. Fairness shouldn't be invloved in the equation as chances are even in a fair 1V1 if the other person is more skilled someone is going to end up crying about it. Just be happy the xpac is going to be out in a few hours and everyone will be to busy rushing to 90 and then farming gear for a few months to camp low levels anyways.

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    World PVP is a (relatively) fair fight between players. Ganking is a necessary evil that comes with it. If anyone doesn't like that, they can and should play on a PVE server.

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    Questing on an underpopulated realm ( like blackrock alliance for example where horde outnumber 20:1 ) and trying to get to the golden question mark b4 dying.

    Fun part is. Once your higher lvl, you will never travel far to find a questing horde lowbie to gank. A fun pass time between BG queues

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