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    Stormwind Horde VS King Question

    Hi all

    I wasn't too sure where to put this question.

    One night I watched a warlock fly into SW and land in the off chute room to the Kings room, where there are no guards, and you can mount up in and run into the kings room. They would put a demonic circle on the roof of that area and then go towards the king and shoot him with something (I don`t play a warlock but it looked green lol) and the King would come running out to that room but the warlock was already on the roof (with the use of the demonic circle) and he would just try to kill the king solo. Of course the King is level 90 and he would miss almost every time, but no guards would come and the King would just stand in a spot and whirlwind a lot and then just stand there.

    I was wondering how come there are no guards in this room or how come as soon as the King gets hit that the whole room doesn't come out with the King. I also was wondering if any horde have tried to do this yet, my question mark isn't working right now sorry. The King would never evade the only time the King would leave is if the warlock left the roof or an alliance came and killed him. This seems like once everyone is 90 a few casters could kill the King of course taking some time, does alliance have anything like this against horde bosses

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    sounds like an exploit. report it on official forums.

    inb4 'clever use of mechanics' - no it's not. it's clearly abusing his lack of non-melee reset.

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    Why wouldn't he just evade if there is no path to the warlock?

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    This would take a long time to pull off solo and he would be stopped by players flying in to check it out.

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    I reported it almost 3 weeks ago or so, but haven't heard anything so I am not sure if they think its ok.

    The evade part is weird because the warlock is killing him (using moves on him but from the top of a building) I sat there in front of the King watching him whirlwind nothing and then he would stand there while the warlock kept missing him, then whirlwind again. In defense it doesn't show that stormwind is under attack because no guards are being killed or in the castle. I am trying to remember if it said stormwind is under attack even at all.

    I was more curious why the guards in the keep don't get pulled to that room with the king or how come there are no guards in that room. There is the one person who is level 80 by the portal, but they do nothing.

    Where in the official forums would I post this, bug/exploit forum?

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