<Abolish> are currently looking for skilled and dedicated players for raiding progression in Mists of Pandaria. We will be raiding 25 mans, progressing to full heroic clears.

Currently recruiting ALL DPS.

- We are an oceanic level 25 guild with the majority of players located in eastern Australia.
- Realm: Barthilas-US Oceanic (alliance)
- 8/8 H DS 10 man
- Raid times are 8-11pm server time Monday, Wednesday & Thursday.
- Ages 18+
- Experienced players only
- Must have Vent and working Mic
- 100% attendance is not required, however a high level of attendance is expected (notify officers of non-attendance prior to raid)
- The obvious is required: Gem & enchant your gear, know your class/spec very well, know bosses/raids (read up on fights, watch videos, etc)
- Guild repairs are open

History of Abolish

The core of the guild started playing together back in BC (on Jubei'Thos-US Oceanic as <ToRmEnTinG). We progressed through everything except Sunwell. We started wotlk on Jubei however when Ulduar hit, there was terrible server lag for several weeks. The majority of the guild ended up transferring to Gundrak-US Oceanic and raided there as <Vindictive> through the rest of wotlk and the majority of Cata. The guild took a break in January 2012 with a bunch of members leaving to play SWTOR. The majority of us are now back and have transferred to Barthilas-US. Upon return in August 2012, we cleared H DS 10 man quickly (30% nerf).

We have only just returned to WOW after an 8 month break. Obviously taking such a break, together with xfering to a new realm, we have lost quite a lot of players. We love to have a laugh, we often PVP on off nights (arena, RBGs, world pvp), level alts, a few of us are achievement/mount/pet chasers, but we are mainly here to have a good time with mates.

If this sounds like you, please contact us in-game!
Realm: Barthilas-US Oceanic (alliance)
Contacts: Harleigh, Bloodmagikz, Xtorted, Kardai
My battletag: Xtortion#1633