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    Shadow reforge for leveling

    I've been a little unsure about what I was going to end up maining at the start of MoP and I now know it's going to be my priest.

    I was wondering if any of you were planning to change reforges or use specific talents to speed up leveling and if so what? I was planning to go with mindbender and divine insight to minimize vampiric touch casting, this way I could pull several mobs with SW:P, use MB with procs, and mind sear off my pet more often. Since mobs wont live all that long (I think, haven't played beta) and I won't be full dotting them all it seems like crit would be the way to go with mastery a little behind and haste a little more.

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    From my experience on the beta the best way to kill stuff was to just VT/SW:P a bunch of mobs and rotate your instant cast procs (mind blast/mind spike) to kill them off (the good thing about this is you can just keep running while killing stuff). In jade forest from memory mobs had about 150-200k hp, and going in the next zone they got to 200-300k. It would take you ages to mind sear mobs down.

    The only time I really used mind sear was on those groups of mobs that had 50k hp, and in most cases there was a normal mob with them for you to use as the target.

    So I'd say go with mostly haste and crit, after being hit capped of course.

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    At about level 78 I started going OOM whilst running around 1/2 shooting things without using VT. At some point you need to use VT often to keep from drinking. I would follow the advice if the person above. Multi DoT.
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    Agree with frost, dont go using mind sear, use FDCL + DI and VT/SWP a bunch of mobs. You'll get a bunch of MS and instant MB's and every 3rd-4th mob you can oneshot with a DP... Mind sear hits like a wet noodle now, while dots are very strong.
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    I'd say reforge hit then mastery for extra procs while multi-dotting and using FDCL/DI. 15% hit at 85 should last you a ways.

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