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    At the entrance of Searing Gorge there was a massive pile of skeletons.

    It was a strange site.

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    Halaa has been almost nonstop on the Oceanic PvP servers. It has been amazing fun.

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    Ahh nagrand, didnt know people from here play :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flaks View Post
    I'm on Kalecgos, a completely DEAD PVP SERVER and there's literally no CRZ PvP going on anywhere. High pop realms were already having their fair share of world PvP. But low pop servers, who are now forced to share nodes but continue to have a shitty server economies don't even get the one and only benefit of CRZ? What the hell?
    I'm on Spinebreaker and Rivendare and I can agree with this.

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    On spanish servers there was an event involving all pvp servers (5 servers :P) on halaa. There was so many people that I filled a raid in 5 mins... there was so many people (5-7 raids minimun each side) that the CRZ got disabled as soon as we arrived to halaa so the event ended there. However, the battle for the dark portal/Hellfire peninsula/nethergarde still is going on, and some battles lasted more than 30 mins lol.

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    Yesterday we had like 80+ alliance coming at us in Durotar.
    But just as the battle was lost we came out with 150+ horde.

    The rest is history.

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    Definately the best feature they have intoduced in all the time I have been playing wow.

    The best part is that now the question is not "Is there world PVP happening at the moment?" but is instead "Which current world PVP battle should I go too"?

    I was ganking in Molten Front yesterday and I got a whisper from a friend saying "come to Halaa big battle going on". I went to halaa via the dark portal at which there was also a battle going on.

    I have had some of the most fun in wow in the last few days. I have not seen World PVP this good in 1 location since Molten Front was first released, now not only is it better in 1 location but also happening in multiple places at once to varying degrees.

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    CRZ is amazing. I had the bright idea of inviting some real ID friends to gank people outside of Orgrimmar yesterday.

    WE GOT STEAMROLLED Most fun I've had in a long time, struggling for a measly few HKs.

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    Me and my Paladin friend crushed an Alliance Ulduar raid due to us killing everyone and camping out at the summoning stone! No Mass summon + CRZ = WIN!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diggasson View Post
    There are a massive amount of players fighting over halaa. I love it! CRZ is awesome!

    To keep the thread alive: Have you encountered anything world pvp related like this with CRZ? I goda get back to the fight

    Yay! I'm glad someone likes it, anyway!

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Ogdru Jahad View Post
    That IS really awesome actually. Very happy to see the old zone pvp objectives getting some use again, I really loved Halaa back in BC times, it's a shame there isn't anything like it anymore.
    There is this harbour in Grizzly Hills. If your faction took controll, you can do an awesome daily riding a rocket and blowing up a ship of the opposing faction!

    Quote Originally Posted by ablib View Post
    However in a couple of months the world will be dead again, because of the real reason world PvP is dead: Players are lazy and world PvP is absolutely mindless.
    I don't think it will be totally dead again: people complained they hadn't much to do except waiting for their queue to pop. But now they can do it while there's a little extra on the side. As far as I know the dynamics on my server, there will always be a couple of players going to those zones again.
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    I got 100 of the halaa marks in about 30 minutes the other night, good fun.

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    I joined late, but I got enough tokens for one of the Talbuks. Hoping I can get the other one soon.

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