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    Ret leveling in MOP

    Hello fellow paladin's, I was just wondering how you will go about leveling your char to level 90..

    I plan on playing at launch and not stop until I'm 90, I don't have the advantage of knowing what quests are best ect as I never did beta, but I like it that way....more of a surprise then!

    So have you any special tips and tricks you plan on doing to help you? What talents/glyphs will you be using? Will be nice to see what other rets will be using.

    I've gathered some flasks/food buffs, I'm an enchanter so will make some scrolls for any decent gear I pick up. I just hope to escape the mayhem of the first zone and/or the first few quests. I'm thinking about filling my Log with TB Dailies, but not 25 in case I miss the MOP intro quest that's going to magically appear in my log! pooof!

    Would be nice to hear from you, cheers....not long now.

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    talents im going pursuit of justice, repentance, selfless healer, unbreakable spirit, and divine purpose.

    i stocked up on swiftness potions to use while in places you cant mount, repentance doesnt put you in combat anymore so if theres one of those loot quests with a mob right next to the object, just repent and loot and gg. i go with selfless healer for healing and use the divine purpose procs for tv/ds.

    and only thing for glyphs im switching is instead of the healing from avenging wrath, im going to use the immediate truth for questing mobs

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    the talents and glyphs i will be using: http://www.wowhead.com/talent#lU=|AGmbdz

    explanation: in general, i'll be going for either passive talents or talents with a short CD. since paladins are a plate class with an emphasis on holy damage and healing, i'm trying to minimize the need to selfheal.

    detailed explanation:
    tier 1: LAotL is always there on a judgement, doesn't have a long CD (unlike SoL) and during leveling gives a greater boost when it's needed. you'll be moving mostly from mob to mob, and beating them down.
    tier 2: fist of justice is useful for that extra interrupt you might need. CC is nearly useless during leveling. a slow doesn't help, because you're not really going to kite anything, and even if you will, you can use seal of justice for that.
    tier 3: the FoL heal is too small if cast on yourself if it's not a crit, and it takes 18 seconds to become instant and free, which is longer than most mobs last. sacred shield requires too careful monitoring to my taste since the "fix". eternal flame is simply an improved word of glory, which doesn't cost anything extra and is equally effective.
    tier 4: this is the tier i'm most hesitant about. while i don't care about DoT effects, simply because they'll never really threaten you enough for HoPu to be effective, both a reduced CD on your spells and a charge effect for your hands can be useful. however, since there apparently is a bug where divpurp doesn't work without US, i'm going with US.
    tier 5: there are 2 ideas about this tier. some people macro their CD's into all their skills and use them as much as possible, trying for the highest possible uptime. other people say that passive talents could be available for every fight, while cooldowns are only active for 2 or 3 mobs at most, and unavailable for the remaining 9-10 mobs you kill during that time, not to mention you might activate them at the wrong times that way. i'm one of the latter, and will still use my CD's, but only for the harder parts.
    tier 6: irrelevant, they're unavailable till 90 and thus have no impact on leveling. maybe when you're doing the level 90 zone, in which case holy prism seems the optimal choice.

    glyphs: i'll be mostly AoEing my way through, pulling 4-5 mobs at once whenever possible. divine storm in that case gives a free heal, which could save my life. immediate truth is useful, since it means seal of truth does equally damage as seal of justice. glyph of word of glory, finally, makes up slightly for the lost damage for having to heal yourself. however, you could go with other glyphs, like templar's verdict, inquisition,... minor glyphs don't matter as much and could be anything.
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    If you really want to avoid all that stuff at the beginning, just do dungeons with 4 other people up to level 88. I think that's what I'm going to do.

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